6 Impossibilities to Believe in.

stock vector : Alice in Wonderland. Alice is looking behind a curtain to reveal a hidden door: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Illustration from John Tenniel, published in 1865.(“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.”)

When I first discovered Daily Prompts, I went crazy with it.

Then I was concerned ,that if I kept doing them , Word Press would eventually take over my mind.

So, I stopped doing as many, but today’s Daily Prompt was irresistible :

“What are the six impossible things you believe in?”

Okay, it is my belief that a 10 year old kid came up with this one. WP offspring, perhaps? Of course my mind being closer to that of a 10 year old, than a 40+ year old’s, it works.

To whomever came up with it here is my list:

1. I believe that if you think you can do something you can.

Of course this is how I broke my arm trying to fly, dislocated my collarbone trying to lift up that huge boulder out west, and alienated all my relatives by convincing them I knew what the hell I was talking about when discussing astrophysics.

stock vector : Easter bunny rabbit holding Easter basket full of decorated Easter eggs

2.I believe in Santa Clause, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and leprechauns. (They are some of my best invisible friends)

3.I believe in the power of positive thinking.

I positively believe  that my words are relevant, everyone in the whole wide world loves me, and somewhere out there someone is waiting to recognize my genius and give me lots of money.

4.I believe I can fly.(See #1)

stock photo : Decorated elephants for parade at the annual festival in Siva Temple, Cochin, India

5. I believe if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Last night I dreamed I was in an elephant parade in India, eating peanuts and spitting the shells out at the parade watchers. It could happen.

6.I believe in an eminent government take-over in the near future;an alliance between aliens and former president Eisenhower. (For those of you who think Eisenhower is dead, how naive!)

So what impossibilities do you believe in?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

20 thoughts on “6 Impossibilities to Believe in.

  1. I believe that in 9 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days 12 hours and 3 seconds Jacques Cousteau will track me down and bite off my nose and feed it to a narwhal sitting in Aquaman’s parlor.

  2. I believe that I can stop after just one piece of this delicious lasagna I just made. It’s cooling in front of me as I type this. I hope this belief comes true. But I’m worried I’ll end up eating a second small piece…

  3. I actually wrote about your belief #1 a few months ago. Click here if interested.

    I believe in Bigfoot. I think. I haven’t really decided yet, but I know narwhals are real.

    1. People say you can do anything, but nobody lifts a car over their head to prove it. I think I believe in aliens, my only proof is that there are a lot of strange people out there. Its enough for me.

  4. I… I… I can’t get past the statetment about WordPress taking over your mind. O..M… Gee! WordPress is taking over my mind! WordPress is taking over my mind! AUUGGGHHHHH! Somebody help me!!!!!

    (It’s Ok. Don’t worry. Really, I am OK. Remember what the therapist says: Just Breathe. Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad, breathe in the good….. “I blelieve I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky…”)

    1. I used to sing that song like this: “I believed I could fly, so I jumped from a building several stories high. Now, I think that I’m going to die, because I believed I could fly.”

      Don’t let WP take over, fight it, Linda, fight!

      1. Thanks for sharing your version of “I Believed I could fly…”

        I like to change songs around, too. See if you recognize this one:

        “I’m Blue, if I were green I would die, if I were green I would die, if I were green I would die…”

      2. Oh! It was popular in the 1990s, I think. I has a lively beat and it goes:
        “I’m Blue, daba de, daba die, dabe de, daba die….
        I have a blue house with a blue window,
        blue are the colors of all that I wear..
        blue are the words I speak and what I think
        blue are the feelings that live inside me
        I’m Blue, daba de, dabba die…”

        I hope I have those lyrics right. Can’t remember who sings it, but I will look it up. So anyway, I turned it into “I’m Blue, if I were green I would die..”

        Oh… I think I just used up my daily quota of silliness, now.

      3. My grandmother told me I could not like the Beatles. I had never heard of them until she told me that. I was 12 and not yet into pop music. Grammie saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show, and was disgusted by the screaming and fainting teenie-bopper girls. After she warned me about the Beatles, then of course I had to like them.

        I did a youtube search, and found many videos for the I’m Blue song. The artist is Eiffel 65. Here is a link to one of the videos. It’s a catchy silly tune, great for singing and dancing to if you’re feeling a bit down.

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWmF_2u-9nk Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue (da ba dee) lyrics

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