The Foe.

Oh, cursed writer’s block how you torment me!

Blasted foe! That will not let me soar on words of poetry or prose!

That makes my mind turn into mush and laughs at me when I try to publish.

Whose blank stare draws me forward to combat, the want of talent that I lack.

So, without a thought in my head, I pick up my pen and face the thing I dread.

And flowing once again, the ideas start to take shape and writing I no longer hate.

Again, I feel the thrill, when words on to paper from my mind start to spill.

So, on the field, I leave my foe defeated, but this battle is doomed to be repeated.

For the fiend will rise  up from the grave and once again I’ll be its slave.

So, do you do battle with the dreaded writer’s block? Do you have ways you use to combat it?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

17 thoughts on “The Foe.

  1. Rachael, I do suffer from “The Foe” occasionally. When I get really stuck, I look at pictures on Google image to inspire me. Most often it works. Gets my brain in gear and ideas start to form. Usually, I have an idea…THEN have to find an image. I do not like writer’s block. It’s frustrating. 🙂

  2. I had writer’s block for 10 years, once. Then one day I starting writing, and I wrote an entire first draft of a novel in 3 and a half months. The words wouldn’t stop, it was like a dam had overflowed and burst. I had to carry pens and a notebook with me every where, I would stop in the middle of a shower and jot things down in my notebook. I would be driving the car and have to pull over and write. I wrote almost every waking moment. When I slept, I dreamed my novel. It was awesome. And exhausting. It was published 13 years ago, and now it’s an ebook. Hard to believe. There were no such things as ebooks when I wrote it.

    I haven’t written another book yet. I’m not having writer’s block, exactly, I just don’t want a book to ever take over my life like that again!

    1. The writing can take over, that is for sure. I have days were I could write and not stop and then one’s where the old brain says,”Not today.”

      1. I think part of my problem is that my brain is getting full. It’s hard to find things in there, hard to add things, and very difficult, at times, to get my head to focus enough to create anything. I need to delete, defrag, and reboot my brain. But, if I had that ability, I have no doubt that I would probably delete something really important, like my kid’s names, or best-friend-hubby’s birthday. Or worse, my own name.

        Once I accidentally called the dog by my name. She looked at me like I was crazy.

        Smart dog.

      2. Sounds like a case of brain over-load. Relax, eat some chocolate. It may not make your memory any better, but you will still have the chocolate! 🙂

      3. Perfect solution! Especially considering that I just found some chocolate a little while ago, that I had forgotten I had! I don’t think that has ever happened to me before in my life, forgetting I had chocolate. I must really be getting old. But that’s ok, I have chocolate! Nature’s antidepressant.

  3. thanks for this evocative post. there’s so much written on writer’s block … hmmm, no one seems to have trouble writing about that …. i find the writing isn’t the hard part, it’s the commitment. when i commit to writing regularly (a small blog post every day, even just a line, a riff, anything on the guitar), the stakes for each thing i write go down. there’s less and less pressure to be great all the time. the amazing truth is that not everything an artist makes is brilliant. but when enough things are, he leaves his mark. tony

    1. Yes, there is a lot written about writer’s block, the ironic thing is when I write about it, then it ceases to be. I write almost daily, do not always publish same day. Good luck on leaving your mark and thanks for stopping by.

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