$10,000 and No Responsibilities. Part 2.

This is a second part story, if you have not read the first part you can read it here.

Thursday-We wake up early and make the decision to go to the bank and get smaller bills. My husband thought we should change, in all,$ 7,000 dollars, but I thought that might look suspicious and so after arguing for an hour we settled on $3,000 and exchanging the reaming $4,000 later.

Once at the bank we had to go through the whole routine of the staff examining the bills again.

An hour later we had a pile of bills,  in $100’s, $50’s and $20’s. I insisted on holding on to the money. He argued that it would be safer if we split it up. I  gave him two thousand  dollars in one thousand dollar bills and he shuts up. I figured it would be harder to lose two bills than a bunch of them.

So,  we are again heading for the U.P. We got right up to the Mackinaw bridge, when the car started making funny noises. After an hour we found a mechanic. Two thousand dollars lighter and 5 hours later we had a new engine.

We got something to eat, $150 bucks, don’t ask we were near starvation again. This time nobody tipped the waitress. We hadn’t even crossed the bridge yet and we were tired.

An hour later we found a motel with a vacancy some of the letters were missing so it read Hid -aw   mo  e. It looked a little seedy, but we were tired and so we took the room with the twin beds for $50 bucks.

“Finally”, my husband declared, “a bargain.”

When we brought our luggage into the “bargain” room, we discovered, it was either us or it and so we removed the necessities and put the luggage back in the trunk.

The bathroom door ,when opened, came in direct contact with the bathtub, one that must have been designed for munchkins, it stayed open wedged there for the duration.

I positioned myself between the sink and the toilet, having to balance my right foot on the bathtub’s rim to brush my teeth, wondering the whole time if I was going to slip and knock myself out on the porcelain sink; then having to remain knocked-out in an upright position because there was no room to fall.

My husband decided not to chance it, after struggling just to do as nature called, while sitting wedged between the sink and the bathtub with his knees up to his chin.

Wearily, we climbed into our respected twin beds. I called out a weary, “Good-night”

My husband mumbled, “Goodaba nwighta.”

Friday- I wake to the sound of my husband hacking and wheezing. I roll over and land in his bed. He scoots over hitting his head against the wall. He doesn’t even swear, too busy coughing up his lungs. I open my eyes, he looks terrible. I put my hand on his head and he is burning up.

We struggle to get out of the tiny bed that is too close to the wall and somehow get dressed in the tiny room.

I take the dirty clothes and throw them in the back seat of the car, grab my purse, and the car keys. We go looking for a hospital. One hour later we find one. Forty-five minutes later, we are taken to a room. Forty five more minutes and the doctor comes in.

This is a doctor? He looks like he is twelve. He said they needed to order some tests and that the “vampires” would be in soon to collect some blood.The doctor was the only one who found this amusing. An hour later they appear.

We wait 2  more hours and when complain about the hunger pains, they bring us a stale peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bruised banana, some jello, and warm milk. My husband was too sick to eat his and so I ate his, too and then I felt sick.

When the nurse  made it back to our room, two hours later,  she said that my husband had pneumonia and would need to stay overnight for observation.

An hour later he was taken to a room. There were two beds in the room and I asked if I could stay with my husband, but that was not allowed.  I asked to be shown to the waiting room, she informed  me there was only two and both were reserved for family of patients who were having operations.

I looked at the clock  it was 3:00 pm. I asked when visiting hours ended she said 5:00pm .

I asked if I could use the “reserved ” waiting rooms after 5:00. She said no. I asked if there were still operations going on at 5:00 pm and she said,  ‘Heavens no, we try to finish that up by 3:00 or 4:00 at the latest.”

“Then why can’t … ” I started, that’s when she threatened to call security if I continued.
So, I watched old Jack Benny shows until it was time to go, kissed my husband and left to find a room for the night. Luckily for me there was one across from the hospital.

This one looked modern and had all its  lettering intact. Paradise Hotel it was called. I went in and asked for a room.  The manager said they had only one room available, the bridal suite. I took it. $499 dollars.

There was an enormous heart-shaped bed in the middle of the room and in the corner was a hot tub. A huge fruit basket was placed on the dresser complete with a bottle of champagne. There was even an ice machine right in the room.

I took an apple from the fruit basket and ate it, then an orange,  and then a banana. I ate half of the huge fruit baskets contents, telling myself at least its fruit.

I went to put my head on the pillow and hit something hard. “Knew this was too good to be true.”,  I mumbled. I took my head off the hard object and much to my joy discovered a box of fine chocolates. I ate ten pieces, before all was said and done.

Now, I hope you won’t judge me to harshly, but I drank the whole bottle of  champagne, which was a strange thing for me to do, because I never drink, but after the week I was having it seemed appropriate at the time. I didn’t remember  much after that.

The exciting climax to the story.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

9 thoughts on “$10,000 and No Responsibilities. Part 2.

      1. I like Silly. I used to have a profile picture of me wearing a hat, with the words “I’m Too Silly For My Hat” as a caption on the picture.

        Silly is as Silly does, and Silly is good medicine. 😉

      2. I like the last sentence of your reply post, very inspirational. 😉 I am glad you like silly, cuz’ that happens a lot around here.

      3. While I am very happy to know that you like the last sentence of my reply post, being insecure and needy and a pain in the tush type of person, I can’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with my other sentences? Or am I just being insecure and needy and a pain in the tush?

        …don’t answer that. 🙂

      4. I meant nothing against you other sentences, in fact I am impressed with your ability to construct proper sentence structure. In answer to your question…

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