$10,000 and No Responsibilities.

This post was based on a daily prompt, but I didn’t finish it in time.  Not one to let a good idea go I  went ahead and wrote up the post anyway. It just kept getting longer and longer and although I swore I’d never to do a “Series” this is part one of three, I just had to find out how it all turns out in the end. I hope you will give it a chance, I think it is funny and I hope you do, too.

$10,000 and No Responsibility.

Sunday-The boss just called and told me that all employees could have this week off with pay. Yippee! A vacation!  I wonder what I’ll do, wish that I had more money in the old bank account what fun I would have! Well time to sleep, going sleep in tomorrow!

Monday-Woke up groggy, there is a large pile of money on my dresser? WTH?

I wake up my husband who is snoring heavily, he too had a call from his boss saying he was going to get the week off with full pay. Weird coincidence, huh?

“Wha..a..gao..ga?” he said incoherently.

“Wake up!” I persist.

He opens one eye and says, “Wh..aja..?”

I take the money off the dresser and wave it in his sleepy face and say, “What is this, did you get a bonus?”

He is wide awake now and claims that he never received any bonus, he snatched the money out of hand and begins to count it. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 thousand!

We are both giddy and wondering at what kind of thief would break in and leave you money?

We are going to take a vacation a long over due one.

Tuesday- Well, we are on our way, spent most of yesterday making arrangement’s. After arguing for Hawaii and then finding that 10, 000 wouldn’t quite cover expenses, we decided on Canada and a road trip.

Once we were packed up and ready to go the front two tires went flat. Grumbling, we call a tow truck and wait 2 hours for its arrival. The tow truck and my husband disappear to the local tire shop and 3 hours later he returns with two new tires and $800 dollars gone from the budget.

“We are never going to make it, we have to check in by 1pm and it is now 11:45!” I complained.

I  call the hotel and they inform me that they wouldn’t be able to hold the room and would not have another one available for 3 weeks.

One hour later after calling all the hotels, motels, cabins and hearing for nine-hundredth-and ninth time it was the busy season, I give up.

We spend the day arguing whose fault it is and go to bed in wrath as the sunsets.

Wednesday-After making up and wasting half the day…*blush*….never mind about that part not at all important.  We decide to get in the car and just start driving to Michigan’s Beautiful Upper Peninsula, better know to us Michiganders as the U.P.

So, off we go and, it being noon, we soon realize we need to stop for food, we haven’t even got out of the lower part of the state yet!

Michigan state road map with Interstates, U.S. Highways and state roads. All elements on separate layers for easy editing.  Stock Photo - 5986506

We figure that we will  stop somewhere really fancy since we have so much moo-la and then our minds return and we realize this is Michigan after all, we don’t do fancy.

So we settled for a mom and pop diner and sit down. Twenty minutes later someone finally appears to take our order.

We are on the brink of starvation by this point. So, we order two specials and dessert. Okay we ordered four specials and dessert, don’t judge. We pay $65.49 and then my husband like a big shot leaves another $25 for the tip!

By the time we waddle out of the place 2 hours later and several pounds heavier, we notice the gas tank is on that little line just before the big “E”. We have to stop and get gas.

We find a gas station when the red line is on the ominous “E”, in fact I think it is fair to say we coasted into the station. We fill up the car $40.99!

My husband tries to pay with one of the 1,000 bills and all hell breaks loose!

The pimply child behind the counter, dumbstruck, calls the slightly older pimply child-manger over and they discuss the authenticity of the said bill.

My husband digs in his wallet to find the change from the diner and can’t find it, I dig in my purse we search the car it is gone! $ 910 US dollars and some change  gone! Gone!

“We got to get this verified”, says the child-manger and goes into her little office and shuts the door.

We stand their looking guilty, until a big burly truck driver  pushes his way past us to the counter. We feel it wise to let this pass and go wait in a less obtrusive corner.

When the child-manger returns, she says the corporate will send over a manager in about an hour to verify the bill.

We are not permitted to leave the store. We are not permitted to touch the magazines or newspapers or buy a soda or snacks. Not until the whole money thing is cleared up. We are finally after 10 minutes of begging  allowed to sit on the benches outside and wait. They send out the pimply cashier to keep an eye on us. We ignore him.

Two hours later, the corporate guy appears and says, “Yep, it is okay!”

At last! My husband, I, and Ralph the cashier troop back inside. (Despite our best efforts to ignore him , Ralph, kept talking to us and hell after two hours  of waiting you get friendly)

“We still have a problem”, the child-manger informs us, “We can’t break that big of a bill!”

Forty five minutes later with about $50 dollars worth of gas and another $850 dollars worth of magazines, trinkets, and snacks we head out. I make my husband hand the rest of the $7,218 and some change to me and put it in my purse.

Since we are a mere 25 miles from home, we turn around and go back home all tuckered out and collapse fully clothed  on to floor.

That is the end of part one. Here is part two.



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