Too Many UK BK Jokes? I Don’t Think So!

Before the UK Burger King indecent gets too old, I have decided to write-up a post with fictitious newspaper headlines that deal with the UK’s BK.

There will be puns! There will be fun! There will be groans!

Headline #1:  “Employees horsing around has got to stop.” declares the manager of one UK Burger King.

Headline #2: Meat companies  are all jockeying for position to take over the UK Burger King meat contracts.

Headline #3: Instead of saying, “Yea” Burger King now says “Neigh” to Silvercrest Foods.

Headline#4: Silvercrest Food declares the whole scandal is just a bunch of horses***t.

Headline #5: “We stand by Silvercrest foods”‘, declares the owner of a glue factory in Shropshire, “Without them we get saddled with the carcass removal costs.”

Headline #6 :UK Burger Kings loses their triple crown rating over horse-meat scandal.

Headline #7: United Kingdom Burger King executive makes statement about horse-meat scandal,”If you ask us, it just tastes better.”

Headline #8: “Have it your way”, says UK Burger King. Now training employees to ask, “Do you want horse-meat with that?”

Headline #9: UK Burger Kings announces a new slogan: “Eat like a horse,man!”

Headline # 10: Due to scandal, Untied Kingdom Burger King executives will be plowing through piles of legal documents.

So, how about you can you think of a punny headline? Or maybe just a joke?



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10 thoughts on “Too Many UK BK Jokes? I Don’t Think So!

  1. These are great. Thanks for a good laugh. Maybe you’ll have to tweet some of them…

    Sorry, I have none of my own to offer. I’m not very creative on Mondays. Just pass the day reading blog posts and responding to comments. 🙂

  2. I’m just trying to imagine BK being in the UK. I lived in England 30-some years ago. There were no Burger Kings anywhere that I saw. Fast food in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s was a corner take-away stand that served greasy fried fish and chips wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper. Most such places also had milk shakes on the menu, but they were nothing like the milk shakes you get in the states. British milk shakes contain milk, artificial flavoiring and coloring, and not a single drop of ice cream. Soft drinks were sold in the can or bottle and served at room termperature. If you asked for ice in your soft drink, they looked at you like you were crazy, and informed you that there was no ice on the premises. Coffee was served either black, or white. If you asked for white coffee, you got a cup of milk, with a few drops of coffee in it.

    After I had been living along the coast in northern England for several months, I was very homesick for American fast food. One weekend I drove down to London. As I was walking through Trafalgar Square, I saw a little dark-skinned (African-British?) boy, feeding the pigeons out of a small white bag that had golden arches on the front. I rushed over to the little boy and asked him, “Where did you get that bag?”

    It was more than a little jarring to hear a perfect British accent coming out of his mouth. “It came from McDonald’s, Mum,” he said, and then he told me how to get there.

    I went straight down and bought four Big Macs…. gosh, I hope they didn’t contain any horse meat.

    When I moved back to the USA, McDonald’s was doing an ad campaign about people having a Big Mac attack. I wondered how they knew?

    1. I have never been to the UK, but would love to someday. If I ever get there I’ll stay away from the milkshakes!

  3. Is a horse patty anything like a cow patty?? (my contribution) Love it, Rachael. I would tweet your blog but I agree with Carrie, I think you should tweet these headlines. I did have a good laugh. 😀

    1. Ha,ha good one! Glad you like the post, tomorrow when I start promoting it 20 times an hour I will include some of them in the tag line!

      1. Oooo…I can have it MY way?? Ok..forget the patty, I’ll just take the mustard and pickles, throw some onions and tomatoes on there while your at it. Thank you. 😀

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