24 Letters Daily Prompt or The Wicked Wizard of Word Press.

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WordPress has a thing called the Daily Prompt. This Prompt interested me. The gist of it was to write a post  with the absence of one letter and  for the heck of it make it a vowel.

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The Wicked Wizard Of Word Press.

Vowels are important. If there are no vowels then it is hard to spell. (Yes, I’m  very intelligent, that way)

However, one day a certain wizard banned a vowel from the Kingdom of Sporadic Nonsense .The monarch, who was afraid of the dark wizard who had demanded that the letter be gone, agreed to banish the vowel from the kingdom and so started one of the darkest literary periods in the Kingdom of Sporadic Nonsense.

It made no sense to the village why this vowel was banned ,it had never done any harm to anyone and in fact made many sentences and phrases possible.

Once the ban was in place many people were forced to abandoned their speeches in mid-sentence.

Sentences like,  “Yes, I will Marry yo…” and  “Hi, Frank how was yo.. day.”  no longer made any sense.

This made the village cranky and displeased with the monarch and the dark wizard who reigned in power in the land of The Word Press.

They decided to stage a take-over and get their beloved vowel back!

They set a town meeting for 6pm that night to talk-over some strategies.

“Martin yo….have the floor.”

It took awhile before Martin got what Jerry meant, when he did he rose to his feet and said, “It is getting impossible to contin…   to live this way, we need that vowel back! And so we are here today to disc…how we can accomplish this, any tho…?”

Nobody spoke, they didn’t know what Martin had said.

“Jerry why don’t yo…give it a go?”

“Alright, Martin.”

And then facing the crowd he said, “We need yo…help, the king and the evil Word Press Wizard has banned the letter I’m not going to be able to mention from the kingdom and it is getting more and more diffic….to comm…with one another witho…it.”

The crowd stared at the two men with blank faces.

A woman rose to her feet and said, “What is it yo..exactly want the people to do, we are conf…and not at all s…what to do?”

“This is hopeless yo..can’t talk properly witho.. that vowel!”

“Let’s kill the King!”, yelled one dissident in the back of the room.

“No, we can’t do that” , said a cooler head, “that wo..be immoral. ”

“Immoral!”, cried the hot head,  “I’ll tell yo..what is immoral when yo…can’t even finish yo..sentence beca…some big shot wizard at Word Press tells yo..king to banish a vowel!'”

With that the man sat down and started to cry.

Everyone was mad now. Still  no one knew what to do. The Word Press wizard controlled them all and so they were doomed to live their lives  speaking poorly, missing that vowel, and thinking bad things toward the king and that wizard.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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