I’m Okay and I’m Going To Roll With That,Baby!

I almost wrote a post this week comparing myself to a more prominent writer, a post putting my much lesser talents down,but then I thought,  “No, I ain’t gonna do it!” ( See, what a command I have on the English language, truly amazing!)

And that is when I had an epiphany.

What’s that you ask?

Well and epiphany is…oh, you mean what was the epiphany?

“I’m okay.”

That is it? Afraid so.

I have spent too much of my writing time already on pouting, complaining, and comparing. That last one on the list is the worst of them all.

Comparing myself to other writers is a great blow to my self-esteem, and let’s face it, some of you are better at this than I am ! Some of  you even use proper grammar,punctuation, and spelling!  Damn you perfectionists!

But, I love to write, think I’m fairly good at it, and the point is to have fun with it; at least that is my point in doing it.

Too many times have I compared my blog to other people’s blogs, let myself wonder if I’d get more followers if I could just write like that guy over there, and in general taken it all too serious like..But now, I am saying: No More!

The only joy in writing is writing what you like and as long as I stick to that principle,I’m okay. I don’t have to prove anything. I just need to write. I just got to roll with it, baby!

So, did you ever have an epiphany? Every roll with it?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “I’m Okay and I’m Going To Roll With That,Baby!

  1. Every writer needs his or her own voice and style. Comparing yourself to others just limits your own possibilities. You have a wonderful, sarcastic wit. What’s not to love? 🙂

  2. Yeah!!! By George you’ve got it!! I applaud you for coming to this realization and decision. This is your style, Rachael…..your very own writing style. We each have one that reflects our personality and imagination. You CAN NOT be like anyone else, that wouldn’t be you. I love your unique style, I would be grieved if you changed just because of comparisons. I struggled with that at first because I was insecure about my writing…BUT, I received encouragement from authors….yes, authors, who liked my style. That settled it, I could be no other but ME. I can not say it enough, I love your originality and style. No one can do what you do. So, SHUT UP AND WRITE!! for Pete’s sake. 😀

  3. When I first started my blog, I often tried to emulate other people’s styles, but I couldn’t capture their humor. Once I got more comfortable and just started writing, I soon found my voice. That’s when I really started to enjoy it.

  4. That’s a healthy epiphaninnimy to have! Wow you, are, write…those others are gooder at this spaling and gramer than we are 😉

    Just write for yourself first, and for others second, and for Sylvester Stallone third. That’s what I say. But who cares about what I say?

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