The Problem With Donuts.

The problem with one donut is that it soon becomes two..

And then another one more delicious than the others  peers from underneath the cellophane topped box!

And you see your untouched coffee just  a watin’ for a dunk!

You can’t just let it hang there and now you are on a three donut lunch!

How did it ever come to this? Why did you ever past that shop?

You told yourself it was for the office girls and now the last one you just munched!

Wiping the incriminating powder from your hands, your head hung down with shame, you promise that it won’t happen again, but everyday it is the same!

And then it happens you’ve picked up a 12- a-day-donut habit!

How did it ever get this way, do donuts reproduce like rabbits? ( Sorry)

Feeling bloated and annoyed you waddle back to work.  And  then, you see it, what in the hell kind of Jerk?

For sitting wrapped in pink cellophane a sittin’ on your chair, is a  yummy cream-filled eclair!

You want to cry, but you just sigh ….too full to eat it.

Ever want to eat things you shouldn’t? Oh come on you have,too! Hopefully not a full box of donuts.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “The Problem With Donuts.

  1. Ah..donuts. I do like them. I usually send my husband out for 6 donuts, and he comes back with 14. So, yes, I do know what it’s like to overindulge. It’s like, “Well, they have to be eaten, I can’t throw them out”. I try not to have them often, but when I do…..need I say more. 🙂

    1. They are good. I get one at a time, because if they are near then they will be in my mouth and more than two and not the glazed one’s either, the full of fat custard or cream-filled ones, apple fritters, buttermilk ones, sour cream ones -anything that screams “Don’t do it!”

  2. I used to constantly consume 57 donuts per day. Now I am making health improvements by limiting the amount of donut consumption to 34 per week. You should be proud of me!

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