So, You Want to Be a Rock N’ Roll Star- But, Rachael at 45 Don’t You Think It May Be Too Late?

No, this ain’t a parody so just relax already!

With the realization this post may be taken the wrong way, I still feel the need to vent. Not looking for sympathizers, unless you are the type who needs to sympathize, then by all means, go ahead. I take any and all blog replies.

I have been crying and moaning and the other word that starts with a “B” and ends “ing” for so long about my fading youth, that I hadn’t realized it already faded.

I have been denying my age, hanging out with the Youngbees. (Well on Twitter anyway) Nothing wrong with hanging out with the youth, makes one catch the exuberance and spontaneity that once was second nature. Getting fresh view points and new ideas is not a bad thing.

But moaning, and crying, and doing that other thing is not making me any younger and it makes me forget, I ‘m a half-way decent person and I still have something to contribute. I may not be young, but I think that I’m worth knowing. At least that is the story I’m sticking with!

I may not have many more bright promising future days ahead, but I’m not ready for the old folks home, either.  I’ m trying to improve the life I have and to improve myself. Do I get a gold star for that?  I really think I should get a gold star for that! Just give me the blasted gold star already!

All this crying and moaning, and that other thing makes me unhappy, grumpy, and a hell of a lot of  fun to be around.(Okay, that was sarcasm-Keep up!)  It stops progress as I sit and brood. While I sit and brood my bottom broadens. And all though broadening one’s mind is a good thing, broadening one’s backside, never is.

Not going to ask any questions this time! What I’m going to say is be happy, keep trying, and don’t ever give up!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “So, You Want to Be a Rock N’ Roll Star- But, Rachael at 45 Don’t You Think It May Be Too Late?

  1. Yeah, getting older can mess with the mind sometimes, but when I start to worry about it, I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to get older. The alternative isn’t so hot. 😉

  2. Reality is, I’m old enough to be your mother. I understand what you’re saying. I just turned 65 last month. My youth is loooong gone, now retired, no options but to go forward. Sounds more like you are “grieving” your lost youth. I went through a period of that also. As we get “healthier”, we come to the realization of just how much we’ve lost or missed out on. But, at the same time, we realize we are right were we need to be. If you weren’t where you are now, you would still be trying to hold your head above water. Mourn your lost youth, but try to appreciate were you are now. You’ve grown so much, you are healthier than you have ever been before. Going back, would only set you back. Unfortunately, we can’t go back with the wisdom & knowledge that we have today. Live in the present, there is no other place for us to be. 🙂

  3. Once you get past 50 you’ll start looking backwards and the forward looking won’t seem much of a bother anymore! I’m wayyyyy past 50… (actually am past 60, too…) Don’t worry. Rant when you need to. Just live. Hugs.

  4. At 40 years old I became the manager for my son’s screamo/death metal band, which means I spent a lot of times at concert venues and mosh clubs. I didn’t realize I had gotten older until I started doing this. I hate those kids.

    1. When you find yourself saying things like, “That just sounded like noise!” You know you have crossed over to the other side!

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