Life in the Bus Lane.

Well, its been a long time since I posted a parody…Now who just said, “Not nearly long enough?”

Actually, I had the idea for this one for sometime. I got the idea from a fellow Twitter follower who was complaining about the bus system where he lives.

His name is Phil and you can find his page:Bus Stop Thinker here at

And so with that I bring you:

Life in the Bus Lane(To the tune of:Life in the fast lane, as recorded by the Eagles)

He was a man without an umbrella, he was sopping wet

And she was terminally late

She drove the bus and she hadn’t been on time yet

In the heart of the city, what a fate

He had a nasty temper, he could be quite rude

They said he was a bad sarcastic dude

He and the bus driver had one thing in common, each other they did dread

He’d yell,”Faster, faster, I’ll be late!”, but she never listened to what he said.

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Friendly Irish Woman Waving And Driving An Orange Floral Hippie Bus Van by Rosie Piter

Life in the bus lane, surely make you lose your mind, Life in the bus lane

Eager to get to work on time, hot when the bus ran late

The coming lights irritated, when it stopped he was irate

She knew it would be that way, the bus was over-filled

One more outraged commuter, and the day wasn’t over still.

There were line ups in the summer, the winter, and spring

It was always the same old thing

Life in the bus lane, surely make you lose your mind, Life in the bus lane

Life in the bus lane, Life in the bus lane

Life in the bus lane, never getting there in time, Life in the bus lane

Huffing and puffing, blinded by rage

If he knew it would always be this way, he would not have advanced paid

She said, “Listen, mister, I’m tired of this rudeness and all the other things”

“Well,if you ever got here on time then I wouldn’t act like such a fiend.”

He said,”If you’d drive a little faster, I get to the office at last.”

“If I drove any  faster we’d end up in a crash.”

So, the drove on down the freeway, but on the way she got lost

He was so late to the office, that he couldn’t face his boss

Life in the bus lane, surely make you lose your mind, Life in the bus lane

Life in the bus lane

Life in the bus lane

Life in the bus lane, never getting there on time,Life in the bus lane

Do you ride the bus? Are you ever late? Do you get lost on the freeway? Ever lost your mind?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Life in the Bus Lane.

  1. Oh gosh Rachael, this is a good one. Very clever. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. Fortunately, I’ve never had to depend on a bus, just driving to work in maddening traffic will make a person lose their mind. Anyway, your parody is great. You just keep out doing yourself. You have a wonderful sense of humor and great imagination, Rachael. 🙂

    1. So, glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for the kind words! 😀
      I rarely use the bus, living in a rural area, we have dial-a-ride which doesn’t “ride” on holidays or weekends.

  2. I made it through most of college without a car. In North Dakota. In freezing cold winters. Not fun. Luckily they had a bus system, but it was not the greatest (hey, the town was only 50,000 in population). I had to try to time everything for that hourly or twice hourly pick up, and it was really fun when I had to take it to go get groceries. But I survived. What doesn’t kill us, right?…

    1. I never had to rely on the bus system, but used it as a kid in my home town to go to the Library and whatever.
      Our bus system here doesn’t run on holidays or weekends, guess they don’t realize low income people ,many times, have to work weekends as well and the bus is there main transportation. Enough of my sermonizing. What doesn’t kills us makes us mad as hell? (Just a guess) 😉

  3. This was great. I love song parodies.

    I also fixed the link on my site to give you credit. I have a regular commenter and participant in that game. I should not have assumed it was her. It will not happen again. Especially now that I’ve noticed you spell it a little different than her.

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