10 Minutes and Counting.


Being the type prone to curiosity, I read a blog about daily prompts, this is not a style of writing I would  want to do often. But, I like challenges and the challenge was interesting.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write and then publish, if you are reading this, then I didn’t trash it after all.

Anyway ready, set, go….

I cannot think of a damn thing and so this is going to be pretty random and pointless,  I knew there was a reason prompts did not appeal to me.

Not much of a prompt anyway, “just write”? What in the hell kind of prompt is that?

Couldn’t you post a zany image, and say write a story about the monkey on the guys back throwing bananas at the circus crowd? That is a prompt my friend, that makes me think of a story.

“Just write” and you get this crap and that is all, so guess I won’t be taking this challenge again, ever!

Stuck again! “Just write”! What stupid advice! “Just write”! Now, I’m getting all redundant and I’m repeating myself  as well!

That sentence stunk and I have to publish the stupid thing in 4 minutes , maybe I should take a minute and go fix the above offensive sentence, but then this sentence would make no sense either!

I don’t mean to be rude (implying the next few words are going to be rude) but what kind of  diseased psychopath came up with this?

I want a cute kitten in a hat! Or a man looking at himself lovingly in the mirror admiring his hair, I could work with that.

Or how about a subject like: junk drawers, missing socks, or ratty underwear?

“Just write”,phooey!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

Got something nice to say, witty, silly, profound, demented, redundant or redundant? Go ahead make my day!

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