Damn it! I Am Too Feminine!

First of all I need to say that I am not against women doing so-called “masculine” things, if you can rebuild an engine or can actually name all the tools is your significant others tool chest, I say good for you!

But, what I am questing is the need to make traditional tools, sports equipment, and other things ,of the once male only domain, more feminine by painting them pastel colors?  And why does painting a disposable razor pink make it more expensive??

Can’t we as women use a hammer with a wooden handle, just as well as one painted pink or use a screw driver that doesn’t have flowers painted all over it? Can’t some things just be neutral?

Sports jerseys are now made exclusively for women and although I haven’t bothered to check, they are probably more expensive than the ones we  steal   borrow from our, husbands, brothers or boyfriends.

Even the Bic pen has gone crazy and painted their pens pastel colors, lord knows no woman would want to write with a good old black and white variety!

And hunting! The male sport of all male sports has gone feminine with pink and lavender cameo tees? Excuse me, yes I am ignorant, but is not the aim of wearing camouflage to conceal one self? To blend in with one’s surroundings? Have you ever seen a pink tree or a lavender leaf?

Girls, if they wish ,can do almost anything guys can do (There are a very few exceptions,but this being a PG blog you will have to figure them out for yourself), but just as a hairy 300lb. guy with a beard wearing  a dress doesn’t bring to the mind the word “Masculine”, neither does blowing a deer away and gutting it in the woods bring to one’s mind the word “Feminine”.  No matter that you are dressed all in pink while doing it. Keep doing what you like, by all means, hunt,fish, or dress in drag! But, can’t we please for heaven’s sake quit painting everything pink!

So, would you buy a flowered hammer, dress in lavender cameo, paint a razor pink? Or are you a plain is more kind of person?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Damn it! I Am Too Feminine!

  1. I get where you’re coming from. My husband wanted a heart rate monitor for his birthday–one that attaches only to the wrist, not the chest. When I bought it for him at Dick’s, I thought, hmm, maybe I’ll get myself one. But the woman’s only came in pink. Really? Only pink? I hate pink. Needless to say I didn’t buy the product.

    1. Somethings, like a heart rate monitor, can be neutral, I would think? If you like pink fine, if you like flowers fine, but has everything got to be either “masculine” or “feminine”? Do guys buy a hammer because it has a black handle and not a blue one?

    1. I have nothing against pink anything, I just have no idea why “everything” has to be masculine or feminine and why painting it pink or not makes that so?
      Pink undies are fine.

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