Tater Tots a poem.

Deep-fried tater tots served with ketchup. Stock Photo - 9255797Tater Tots so wonderfully delicious. 

Why can’t you also be nutritious?

Golden brown and deep fried…

You’ll attach yourself to my thighs.

But, full of potassium, it is true.

So,why can’t tater tots be good for you?

So, what not so good foods for you, do you crave?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

20 thoughts on “Tater Tots a poem.

    1. I’m not a big fan of chips, but I like tater tots and curly fries, don’t eat them much though. I love sweets, too.
      Don’t eat them much these days,either. Not including Christmas, went on a binge thinking the world was ending and all.Damn Mayans!

      1. Oh, yeah, I did way too many sweets over Christmas, too. It’s not like me to indulge so much. But I’m better now that it’s boring old January again.

        Thanks for the Twitter RT, by the way!

  1. Like you, I love tater tots. Especially from Sonic. But, yes, I have to pass them up now. I can’t eat just a few, so why even take one bite. Uh…food. Why is the yummy stuff always “evil”. 😀

    1. I hear ya! If it is here it is in my mouth..so, I don’t keep it in the house. Dark chocolate is good for you in moderation, the down side being:moderation.

  2. Sweets, sweets, sweets, are my downfall,,,just like my dad, I can make them my every day. Unfortunatley, with the “coming of old age”, I don’t burn them off like I did when I was younger. Damn, old age, why do you have to mess with my metabolism?

    1. My metabolism is shot, I think. Losing weight, but at a snails pace, kinda discouraging at times! And ya getting older sucks!

    1. Yes, I love chocolate! Although, dark chocolate in moderation is suppose to be good for you, the downside to that is the moderation part!!

  3. Anything sweet is what I crave and anything sweet does not jive with type 1 diabetes, so it should be OK if I just sneak one spoonful of ice cream out of the container..Right? But when the container turns up empty and I have to explain where it went my glucose readings are the least of my worries 🙂

    1. I like ice cream, too and find it hard to eat the serving size. Spouses! Always wanting what is best for us, geesh! 😉

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