Kittens,and Monkeys,and Ex-Presidents, Oh My!

Pens : Ballpen Stock Photo

Okay, no more fooling around it is time to get serious and write! 

Not that I am going to write anything serious, save that for the other blog. 

I have been a bad girl. ( nothing involving whips or leather, is your mind  always in the gutter?)

Writing has gone on the back burner lately for more lofty pursuits.( Ah..heck..who am I foolin’? Just been messing around on Facebook and Twitter)

But, what to write about?

Hmm….hold on this could take a while.

Kittens wearing funny hats?

Oh,that has been done already?

How about dogs wearing funny hats?

Oh, the first video ruined that idea for you.

How about tigers wearing funny hats?

Okay, no need to get nasty, I get it no more animals in funny hats.

Hey who just shouted, “It is about time you got it?”

Well, if you don’t want animals in funny hats, how about people acting like animals?

How about acting like a monkey in public places that is always funny!

That’s been done too, huh?

Well, gee that wasn’t even that funny!

Monkeys acting like people?

Oh, wait don’t tell me that has been done, too?

Okay, you guys did some weird stuff in the 50’s!

How about United States presidents who starred in movies with Monkeys?

Oh, Ronald Regan was the only one?

Well..I’ m outta of ideas! (Outta is too a real word)

Do you get the urge to act like a monkey? Talk to monkeys? Dress your kitten in a funny hat? Dress yourself in a funny hat?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Kittens,and Monkeys,and Ex-Presidents, Oh My!

    1. Wearing funny hats can be funny..not that I think you look funny, mind you. 🙂 I have fought against the urge to act like a monkey many times, especially after the last stare I got peeling that banana with my feet.

  1. Sorry, none of the above. I humiliate myself enough without wearing funny hats. I’m now looking for new ways to look decent in public. My girls say I’m starting to look like a typical senior citizen….whatever that means. 🙂

  2. So you’re as crazy as I am, then? Nice to find another one…! 😉 Monkeys here, monkeys there, they seek them monkeys everywhere… ‘ave a banana? Don’t mind if I do…

    1. Crazy, I am and it is always nice to have company! This is the second post I have done about monkeys. I have a thing for monkeys. 🙂

    1. Gee for a minute I thought a monkey escape from the zoo! So impressed ! Have you studied any other animal sounds, there in Australia? How about a koala impersonation next time? Hope your having a great time.

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