People on Facebook: Do We Need to Know That?

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Dear family and friends on Facebook,

Please don’t take what I say to heart ,actually please do take what I am about to say to heart, but please don’t get ticked off  about it.

I have a list (sorry compulsive list maker) of behavior I am concerned about. Okay it is annoying the heck out of me, sorry.

I love all of my family and my friends on my list, but below is some behavior I cannot begin to understand the why of?

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  1. Sharing your sex life

 Honestly do you want the whole family in on this? Wouldn’t an exclusive website such as, be a better place for that than Facebook?

Are you aware some of us could care less and some of us are getting creeped out? Since some of us are closely related, I think you should be grateful for that!

I mean, do you want dear ol’ Uncle Pervy, the one with the naked ladies tattooed on both arms, both  legs and across his forehead, knowing about the hot time you just had with your wife?

Do you want him downloading and distributing the pictures you so willingly shared on your FB page?  The ones of your undergarments hanging from the chandelier? Thinking Lord knows what and sharing with who the hell knows? Is this a turn on? If so, than Ewww!

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 2.Endless political crap!

I have my views about hot topics  same as everyone, but why do some of you feel the need to post 70 political images in a row?

Are you changing your mind anytime soon?  Are your opponents’ going to change theirs?

If I see one more gun control related item on either side, think I will …ignore it.

That is what happens after the third political image in a row,  we just keep on scrolling until the cute kitten image appears.

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3.YOU *!@!# @!

All families have problems and need to talk things out. Can I be so bold as to suggest that Facebook really ain’t the best venue for family arguments?

Do you want everyone to know about how Cousin Elmer did you wrong?

Do you want Cousin Elmer to know how you really feel about him and do you want him to know you just shared your feelings with the 100, and whatever, people on your friend’s list?

Could get kinda awkward at the next family reunion, don’t you think?

The phone is still in existence and it is a heck of a lot more private.

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4. Sharing questionable items.

 What you and your friends find funny, may not be what the good reverend finds amusing.

I’m not telling you what to do, just wondering at the wisdom of  publicly sharing:  “I like to do naughty stuff ( use your imagination,  this is a pg blog)   with cheeze whiz”, when you know that sweet Aunt Tillie is on your friends list. Not to mention the good reverend.

There is a private option for those who share the same disturbing sense of humor.And you won’t have Aunt Tillie trying to exercise the demons from you, next time you visit. Nor will the good reverend feel the need to excommunicate you.

I love getting family updates and photos of fully clothed family members, it is great way to keep in touch. What do you like about social media? What do you hate?





I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

20 thoughts on “People on Facebook: Do We Need to Know That?

  1. This post makes me happy that I only have a small number of Facebook “friends.” I prefer my public page, not that I’m as active on it as I could be. Which is probably just as well, because between my blog and Twitter, I think people get more than they want of me.

    But even though I have only a few “friends,” I guarantee, I WON’T be discussing my sex life or posting images of my undergarments. You can count on that. 🙂

    1. It is very good to know that there are some sane friends out there! I go to Twitter to escape Facebook, hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. 🙂

      1. I have yet to decide if FB is offering me anything more than my other venues. It remains to be seen.

        And no, that doesn’t make you a bad person. At least, I don’t think it does… 😉

      2. I’m with Carrie – going to Twitter to escape Facebook doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you SANE, in my humble opinion.

        I started my Twitter account shortly after I ended my FB account. Sometimes I get frustrated by the 140 character limit – obviously a guy came up with that one – but the great thing is that in 140 characters or less, people cannot say a whole lot about their sex lives, their politics, questionable habits and fetishes, nor can they do too much family feuding in such an abbreviated venue. There are only so many 4-letter words, and then it starts to get redundant. Not to mention redundant.

        One time I did see 2 of my Twitter followees having a Twitter argument, and it was over pretty darn fast. Arguing in 140 characters or less has a tendency to cut those things very short. It’s not at all like FB, where these things can go on and on and on and on… redundantly.

      3. Yeah, it can get a little weird on Facebook. 140 characters is not much, but it is amazing how much you can learn about someone and I have meant amazing people like you and am happy I have.

      4. PS: I just had to add that it made me smile to read this sentence posted under your cute strait-jacket picture:
        “It is very good to know that there are some sane friends out there!”

        Hahahahahaha! Honestly, in this nutso world, I think going insane is a totally sane reaction. I forget which famous person is credited with saying that first, but I’m stealing it.

      5. Ditto on needing sane friends to balance me out. Double ditto on meeting amazing people like YOU on Twitter and so glad I did. You are a top ten Twitter friend, you are! Well, actually, you’re a a top three. Tied for first place. ‘Cuz you’re sassy and savvy and I likes you.

  2. GIRLFRIEND, THIS IS YOUR BEST BLOG POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I shouted that statement in ALL CAPS, not because I’m ANGRY, but because I am so very SINCERE!

    OK, truth: YES, I AM ANGRY. I am angry about all of the crazy crap people post on Facebook. I was so freaked out and disturbed and annoyed by the very things you so brilliantly outlined in this brilliant post, that I said good-bye to my 300+ closest family and friends and ENDED my FB account on January 1 of this year. Which, in less than a week from today, will be one year ago.

    I don’t know what was worse, the TMI Sex Info (and ANY family sex info is TMI), the Endless Political Crap, the FB Family Feuds, or the Sharing of Questionable Items. But I think…. if I had to choose just one…. the very worst was reading daily reports of our young teenage granddaughters – plural – sex lives. Not only EWWWW, but call the cops these kids are way too young to be doing that! It didn’t take a fortune teller to know that I would likely be a great-grandmother much too soon, and sure enough, the first one is due in less than 2 months. Sigh. I mean, Yay.

    Rachael, this post of yours is so brilliant, I hope it goes postal. I mean, viral.

    Lady Q

    PS: My Best-Friend-Hubby, who likes your blog but doesn’t like to comment – I think it has something to do with him being Polish – asked me to tell you he hopes you post this on Facebook.

    1. You can tell your hubby it is on my Facebook blogger page. I would never hear from my sister’s again, most likely, if I didn’t have FB and that is why I stay! So glad you liked the post!

      1. I do have a good life now. Really, I have a WONDERFUL life. I was just thinking a few minutes ago how amazing life truly is. Accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative, ya know? The negs are just not worth it, and all they do is drag you down, if you let ’em.

  3. Totally agree; although I am quilty of the “political crap” every now and again! (: A public domain like Facebook is NOT the place to post such intimate and personal information, that a lot of folks deem necessary to do…

    1. You don’t post ten political posts in a row, everyone has a right to their opinion, but after 10 times, it is a bit pushy!
      Fighting and sharing too much information are my two pet peeves.

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