Very Short and Hopefully Funny Post.

If anyone of you read my post about Sociology being a bad word, you already know how I feel about that subject.

In case you haven’t and want the reference here it is.

Saturday, I was a little down and a little bit more than bored as I read my chapter for the class.

Then, I came to the section dealing with misunderstandings between cultures.

The book gave examples on how some US advertisements got a little mixed up when going from English to another language.

When I read the one I am sharing with you below I laughed right out loud and said this is too good not to share.

So, I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine.

The advertisement for Perdue chicken said in English:”It takes a tough man to produce a tender chicken.”

The Spanish version read thus: “A sexually excited man will make a chicken affectionate.”

So, fellows if you in the market for an affectionate chicken….




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

17 thoughts on “Very Short and Hopefully Funny Post.

  1. haha, there are loads of mistranslations like that all over the world. I once heard that there was a car called ‘Nova’ that they brought out in Spain/Italy. In Italian/Spanish, “Nova” translates to “No Go”. I wonder how advertisers would get around that.

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