Sociology is a bad word.

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Sociology is not a required class, it is an elective.

So, why did I choose Sociology?

Not sure exactly, sounds like psychology?

Which may help to explain the temporary insanity I suffered when I elected to take this course!

 It is nothing like psychology.

Full of boring statistics  making for tons of research.

No interesting crack-pots to analyze or mental diseases to categorize.

Just statistic after statistic and research methodology.

Who wants to study how a society works anyway?

But, I made my choice and now have to deal with it.

The papers are long and the research boring,  but just maybe I’ll be more disciplined after this?

 I wonder, will this translate into a job for those who foolishly choose to major in it?

I can only think of one : Professor of Sociology, what else?

I have to stay on schedule ,if I hope to pass this class, so social networking may take a down turn for a while.

I have a few pieces  for the blog already written up, so the blog won’t suffer much.

It will only  be me who will be doing the suffering!




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

17 thoughts on “Sociology is a bad word.

  1. “statistic after statistic and research methodology.”—Now you’re speaking my language. Love that stuff. Course, I also love the “crack-pots” and mental diseases, so it’s all good.

  2. I am fascinated by sociology. Ditto psychology. If i had my life to live over I would be a research social psychologist. Either that, or a quantum physicist. Or both. While writing best selling books and singing with a rock band, of course.

    1. I like psychology, but not sociology. You could still write best selling books, no age limit there! 🙂 You could be the rocking great grandma, why not?

    1. So far it is just methodology and I hate it! I’m only interested in the crackpots, not how society influenced them to be crackpots. But thanks for the advice and maybe it will get better!

  3. Of the hundreds, possibly thousands of books I’ve read, one of my all-time favorites was written by 2 brilliant social psychologists: MISTAKES WERE MADE (but not by Me), by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson, published March 2008. Brilliant, fascinating, it explains everything and everyone. In my opinion it should be required reading before you can get a job or a diploma or a license to do anything, especially before marriage or parenthood or driving a car, and every politician needs to read it yesterday. I LOVE that book.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say that I’ve read “hundreds, possibly as many as one thousand” books in my lifetime. My husband, on the other hand, has definitely read thousands. He averages reading one entire novel per day. Sometimes he gets on a roll and reads 2 in a day. I don’t know how he does it, I read about 1 -2 books per week and I thought that was a lot. I’ve been an avid reader since I was in grade school. I almost read all the books in the school library.

        It’s an addiction, really. My husband and I both have severe PTSD, his is from Vietnam combat, mine from other stuff. Reading is how we turn off the intrusive thoughts and flashbacks. Some people drink to escape, some do drugs, some gamble, we read. When we moved 2 years ago, we gave away over one thousand books that my husband had read just in that year. We buy books used in bulk lots from ebay, and when we are done we give them away.

        When we eat, we both read. Even when we’re eating out. It’s how we got together, we were both working for the same company and we noticed that we were the only two who constantly was reading when we weren’t working. So we got to talking and discovered we both have PTSD, and the rest is history. Even our rescue dog has PTSD. We 3 put the FUN in dysFUNctional.

      2. Sigh… my head isn’t working. When we moved in the spring of 2010 we gave away over one thousand books that my husband had read since we had moved into that other house, which was 3 years, not 1 year. He read over a thousand books in less than 3 years. And that’s typical, for him. I had read only several hundred of those books.

        The main problem with reading so much: after a while, your brain gets full. Seriously. And there is no delete button. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise I’m sure I would accidentally delete a critical file.

  4. Well, you know how the weather is here thanks to my ranting post earlier! Sounds like me and your husband should hang out…you know, maybe tackle that tractor guy together! 😀

    1. I think you meant to reply to my other post, but I’ll take any kind of reply on any post. 😉 Hubby is a big guy so, it would probably be to your advantage to have him on your tag team, next time we are in Copenhagen we’ll look you up.

      1. It’s a deal! That tractor guy won’t know what hit him!

        And yes, I “liked” the right post, but clicked on “Comment” on the wrong one…go figure 😉

  5. Oh MY GOSH!!!! I know exactly how you feel. What is funny is I am writing a paper for sociology right now and, while complaining, came across the mistake that Frank Purdue had made in translating his slogan into Spanish. I wanted to see if I could find out about what year this inappropriate translation was made when I stumbled across your website. I just thought I should let you know I feel exactly the same as you did in Dec. of 2012. I had to read this to my husband so he could laugh and ask me if I had Rachael as an alias… Well anyways enough procrastinating, I just thought you should know I do not like sociology either for the same reasons you don’t. So… congratulations on not being in the class anymore!!! 😉

    1. Hey, thanks. I am glad you like it, I ended up barely passing that class despite getting all A ‘s and B’s throughout the whole class. I turned in my notes instead of my completed final without realizing it, when I found out the mistake, it was to late to resubmit! ARGG!! Thank God it’s over!

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