Awards I May or May Not Deserve.

You may or may not be a winner!

I was given some blogger awards recently.

You had to answer Questions about how much you knew about the blog’s host.

Not sure if I deserve them all , because I cheated on the last answer!

But, be that as it may, I was given them and I am going to keep them!

Like all awards they come with rules and like so many before me, I am going to ignore most of them!

Who gave me these awards?

None other than published author and blog superstar Carrie Rubin!

If you are interested in the rules, I’ve chosen to ignore, you can find them here at Carrie’s most excellent blog.   

The commentator award.

 I love all the comments left on my blog and although not in the rules I’m gonna pick  5 favorite comments left on my blog , everyone okay with that?

1.This reminds me of the time that I had to rationalize myself out of believing that bananas play a key role in the coming zombie apocalypse and that’s why i don’t eat them. I still hate bananas but i have learned that my previous views were irrational. –Patrick–  In response to:BLUE FACE MONKEYS AND SELF TALK     

2.May I suggest you unfollow them all
And keep just my awesome tweets on your wall
Then you can get all of my Twitter spam
And easily turn into my favorite fan ;)

Hehehe kidding of course, but I feel your pain! Nice rhymes!Daniel NestIn response to:Can someone please tell me what I should do

3.I think you need to put your Twitter poems and wisdom into a book. One that should be required reading before joining Twitter. :)crubinIn response to:TWITTER FLIRTS

4.Who would not want to know what cereal Tiger Woods eats? That’s real news, not like unemployment and record droughts.-cnaravingsIn response to:3 almost useless follows for Twittering ( In my humble opinion)

5..Street walker shoes, my dear ‘little” sister. Did you not learn anything from your big sister? Mainly, never kiss and tell…………Love youmelanieIn response to:Un-Eventfulness and Summer Trips.

If your on the list you can accept this award or  just ignore it, all the same to me!


The only rule I’m following here is to name 5 books that are my favorites.

1.Great Expectations-Charles Dickens

2.Pride and prejudice-Jane Austen

3.Killer Angels-Micheal Shaara

4.The Giver-Lois Lowry

5.Thanks to my Mother- Schoschana Rabin


This is one award I really deserve ! I can sit around, literally, all day and not do a damn thing!

I was a little disappointed  that there were not more question to answer; I love answering the questions, but hey I’ll take the awards!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “Awards I May or May Not Deserve.

    1. I thought that one had a specific blogger mentioned, but I’d have to go back and read the post for sure. Thank you for the congratulations and for thinking I’m A Blogger of the year!

  1. Loved your Commentator Award approach by listing some of your fun comments. Great way to go about it. And thank you for the mention! I’m glad you claimed all three awards. 🙂

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