Spam Come Ons of a Deranged Mind.

Lately, the spammers have gotten more clever, this doesn’t make them smart, just not quite as dumb as usual.

The newest spammer asked for MY help in setting up a blog site?

My, husband is still laughing!

The flaw with this approach was that they listed their own nifty blog site along with their request.

Which made me even more suspicious of them needing  my “expert” help.

Usually, the type of spam I get  is some kind of a business link with the spammer telling me how much they love my site and how much I need their services.

Too bad the expert business man or woman can’t spell and I can’t help wonder if you won’t bother to use spell checker, then how great of a business mind can you have?

Once in a while I  get messages having to do with finding sources for good mental health.

I suspect these people, at least, have actually read the blog.

I get asked to link  my blog up with other blog sites, usually written  in very poor English and displaying very poor spelling and grammar skills.

If you can’t construct a proper sentence,  then why would I want to link my blog to yours? I can done this on my own, thank ous.

The most disturbing and so far the least frequent,thank goodness, are the sex come- ons.

This is a PG blog so, I can’t really divulge the tags,  that these types of spam are laden with, but they are enough to make a Marine blush.

However, here is an idea of what I get:

1.The business opportunity.

Hello, thare!  You sure does have a awsume sit! I am going to subscribe to this blog site fur shore! While, I have your are, let me share with you a wonderfal business opurtunaity. I manafacture plastic  limbs  for dogs. Unusual, i nows it! But, often little doggies and big ones two will loose a limb do to sum kind of accident or something similar. This is imporatant work and I need some one to spread the world! So, if u agrees too advertise my business on yor must excelleant blog, I am willing to make it worth your a while, just e-mail at:

2.Mental health

Hello, You crazy broad! Do you know that millions of people suffer in silence with MENTAL ILLNESS?  This doesn’t need to be! Although, crackpots, were once shunned by society, the psychiatric community has broadened the definition of mental illness so much, that everyone is probably suffering from something!  You could have a Altered Personality Social Media Disorder or a Facebook Dissociation Disorder, how would you know? Well, you wouldn’t until you take this quiz and see if you need our help and we guarantee you do!

Chain Clip Art

3.Link ups!

Hays this is a goodly site with most releant informaytion! If U are like me ( I sure hope the hell not) tan u wants to got all the followers that u can! I have my own bloger sit, two! Like, you, replies on my bog wher not as steedy as I wanted tham to be! But, now I have lost of fullowers and you can, two! Just limk your wonderfull site to the growing comunity of bloogers on this site:   Hop to see u thare!

4.Sex stuff

(Warning to those looking for a cheap thrill, I said this was a PG  blog!)

Big man eats underwear of even bigger man! Watch people do it! *giggle*  Dirty word, even dirtier word, the dirtiest word ever!   Ihavenosexlife@can’

So,what is in your spam folder?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Spam Come Ons of a Deranged Mind.

    1. It goes into a spam folder and you can delete it, which I do. Some are fun to read, however, it is amazing how bad the spelling is!

      1. you enjoy reading spam. I see. I’ll have to watch the spelling on my spam messages from now on. Good to know SOMEONE reads them. 😀

  1. It seems crazy to think, but spam must work or spammers wouldn’t keep sending stuff out. Or maybe they would. I don’t know. But it’s hard to believe someone would actually click these links. Then again, I will accept all the spam compliments. They go straight to my head…

    1. I agree! Better insincere flattery from a spammer than none at all! 😉 Some of it is quite complimentary even if it is spelled wrong.

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