I have made up my mind at least I think I have.

I have been thinking about what direction I want my blog to go in.

Have made up my mind, at least I think I have, to ditch most of the reflective stuff and concentrate more on the zany bizarre rantings and ravings that have made me so famous. (Okay, so famous may be a bit of a stretch)

I get a little too close to being serious (who wants that?) when I go off on the reflective at times.

So, I made this decision to lighten up, after a long hard thought out talk with myself.

Now, talking to myself does belong on this blog!

And, so what follows  is the conversation  that I got into with one of my other personalities, Chuck.

Most of the other personalities have been integrated now, but Chuck, well he  just didn’t want to leave.

And since he is pretty good company, (that and he threatened to burn the apartment building down) I stopped trying to get rid of him.

Hey, chuck, my reflective stuff doesn’t seem to work so well on the funny blog, what should I do?

Stop, using the funny blog to reflect and do what you do best!

Oh, Chuck you are a genius! But, just what is it that I do best?

Well, ah…well…you talk to people who do not exist, you do that real well!

Is that all you got?

Well..just give me a minute would you?

No need to take that tone, mister! Do I have to go back to that psychiatrists office and talk about integration, ONCE again?

NO! You are funny at times and you are very good at spouting nonsense, I’d say that is your greatest strength!

Which is my greatest strength being funny or spouting nonsense?

You, gotta be kidding me, right?


Okay, put down the phone!  Talking about the nonsense of course!

You really think, so?

Yes, Rachael, I really do!

But, I’m funny,too, right?  Right?

So, nonsense rules the day! /How about you, are you the serious type? /The mildly funny type? /Or are you just a bit demented like me? Do you hear voices?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

20 thoughts on “I have made up my mind at least I think I have.

  1. I usually just go in random directions from post to post. I don’t worry too much how other people feel about it as long as every single post isn’t outright depressing. Blog readers can be a little bit fickle regardless so I don’t kid myself that I would have millions of readers if only all my blog posts were funny.

    1. Evey blogger is different and I like your blog! I have a serious blog where the more serious me posts, which works for me. Appreciate the visit!

  2. Yeah, wise choice Rachael. I have to agree with Chuck. He seems to know you pretty well….inside out, I’d say. Your talent is definitely humor. I race to your blog every time I see a new post. It brightens my day, gives me a chuckle, and let’s me know I’m not alone. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! Me and Chuck appreciate that! Always glad to make someone smile, laugh, or brighten someones day! 🙂

      1. I agree with Chuck, and with Linda. (Wow, here’s yet another eerie similarity, I used to have an alter named Upchuck. That’s when I was trying for that bulimia thing. I thought it would be better than weight watchers, and a lot cheaper, too. But it was just too gross for me, I don’t know how people do it.)

  3. I appreciate your funny blog, Rachael. As a former schizophrenic agoraphobic alcoholic bi-polar wannabe-bulimic (I don’t have enough of a gag reflex to make that one work), all wrapped up in a bow with chronic Complex PTSD, I find that laughter really is the best medicine. Plus, as a side bonus, when you are acting like a comedian you can say and do very outrageously insane things and get away with it, so long as you end with: “JUST KIDDING!”

    I especially like the getting away with it part, because I don’t ever want to go back to the funny farm. The funny farm really isn’t so funny.

    Dementedly Yours,
    Lady Quixote, Windmill Fighter

    PS: Before I integrated, one of my alters was called Rachel. Except she spelled it with only one A. I don’t suppose you ever had an alter named Quixote? That would be just too weird if you did. But, not as weird as this post, huh?

      1. I’m so relieved that you understand! I have a cup of my favorite medicine in my hand right now – I’m talking about coffee – so I am already starting to feel better. I haven’t actually taken a sip of it yet because it is still too hot, but just having it in my hand makes me feel better somehow. Must be the placebo effect, right? Whatever, I’m going with it.

        Although, to be totally honest, my cup of delicious smelling hot coffee isn’t actually in my hand right NOW. It WAS in my hand, then I discovered that it is very difficult to type on a laptop with a full steaming hot cup of coffee in one hand, so I set it down on the table beside me… mmm, I have just now taken a sip, so now I’m feeling better and better.

        Ooops, I just remembered I still haven’t taken my thryroid medicine. What’s wrong with my head today?

        TTYL ~ LQ

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