Twitter Crushes/Another Poem

Twitter crushes are so very lame.

Reading their tweets gives me a pain!

It  is easy to flirt when you are hundreds of miles apart.

Won’t end up with a broken heart.

How do you know that image is not old?

Could have been taken 15 years ago.

Both sides trying to fulfill some strange need.

Sending out sexy tweets that the whole bloody world can see.

Some Twitter crushes are based on banter and wit.

Some Twitter crushes are based on tight tee-shirts and pants half unzipped.

But, be it based on beauty, brawn, or their brain

I think falling love on Twitter to be quite insane!




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

25 thoughts on “Twitter Crushes/Another Poem

      1. I would just be too terrified of who might actually be lurking on the other side. As you say, they may not be their Gravatar picture. They could be a stalking psycho.

      2. I just watched Dr.Phil and 3 woman were dating the same “man” online, only it turned out to be woman! Pyscho indeed!

    1. I would think some physical contact to be a requirement for dating, but thanks to the Dr.Phil show, I have learned people are involved “online” for years without ever meeting??

      1. I think the physical contact would be a must, yes you can form friendships this way but when it comes down to falling in love or choosing a partner I would think you really would have to meet up first.

        Not to dispute good ole Dr. Phil but just how “involved” can you actually be online, maybe I don’t really want to know Ha Ha

      2. You are right Jimmy, you don’t want to know, just skip that episode! 😉 It is a strange world now-a-days!

    1. Now, what would your girlfriend think about that,Mr.Nest? Or is “I’m just doing research, honey”, going to be your line?

      1. First of all, I didn’t mean that last part as advice and frankly, I don’t think it will work. If you end up with a frying pan applied to your head don’t blame me.

  1. Twitter crush?! How is that even possible, in 140 characters or less?

    This post reminded me – I had to go look it up, because I couldn’t remember the exact wording – on @VeryShortStory’s twitter profile, the background picture says: “The shared hashtags. The late night tweets. Direct messages. How could she unfollow me?”

    I’ve been stalked online a couple of times. I was creepy. I think to some people, online social media is like having invisible friends. It can get weird.

    1. Being stalked has never happened to me and very grateful for that. It would be very creepy. I once comment on a guys larger than life ego, I thought he’d be mad, instead he sent a flirty tweet, that ended the conversation on my end!

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