Free Writers Advice Nobody Asked For.

Recently, I have read another helpful writers blog, you know the kind, where they give you advice you never asked for.

This particular blog talked about the bad habit of repeating yourself in your writing and how it is bad to repeat yourself in your writing.

Without realizing it, the author claims that writers often use the same phrases on their blog which, supposedly turns people off.

Who FREAKIN’ knew?

He went on to point out ,the obvious fact ,that cliches’ are not hip and are as welcome as a fox in a hen-house.

Only he didn’t use the hen-house analogy thing and I don’t think he used the word “hip”.

For a moment, it made me pause and think, should I take this most prestigious advice?  Or should I keep writing like I have been?

Well, always ready ( well maybe not always) to take free advice, I guess I’ll try it.

Have to think of a subject….this may take a while….

1. How not to be a rambling idiot? (Not qualified for that one.) Oh crap! I use the concept of rambling a lot, don’t I?  Oh boogers!  I say, Oh crap ,often, as well!

2.What not to do on your blog? Think I can handle that one, why not give something back?  Dang it all that is an over used phrase!  This is harder than it appears to be! Whew, almost said, “Looks harder” another over used phrase!

1.Do not use cliché’s on your blog. ( That is kinda obvious don’t you think? )

2.Spell correctly. ( “Well, duh!”) Well duh is an over used phrase, isn’t it?

3.Try and be original.( That sentence is not original)

4.Proof read and edit.(What makes you think I doesn’t?)

5.Be yourself.( Then why all the writing advice, totally confused!)

6. Never use run on sentences . ( I think this rule is unfair and you should be able, under poetic license  to write in as many run on sentence as you think necessary to prove your point or  just to get a cheap,  be it ever so painstakingly obvious laugh.)

7.Forget all the rules and write what you like.( Which could be considered another rule.)

So, do you read and follow all the writing advice? Do you glean only what you can use and forget the rest? Or are you a complete rebel who does what they want?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

16 thoughts on “Free Writers Advice Nobody Asked For.

  1. “Be yourself” and write to please yourself, not others. It has worked very well for you so far. It’s called your “style” of writing, which the “advice giver” probably failed to mention. I have read “writer’s advice” that would have made me “insanal” if I had taken it all to heart. The best book I have ever read on writing was “Bird By Bird” by Ann LaMott. Her advice was to “just write” (and I have received that advice from several other authors as well). “Just write” for Pete’s sake!! 🙂

    1. Okay, for Pete’s sake, I will! Who is Pete? 😉 Thank you for the kind words and I will take the just write advice to heart. I love your rebellious use of the word insanal!

  2. I follow writing advice for my fiction writing but not much for my blog writing. I have found that I use some phrases over again. I must be careful of this. No one wants to see me regurgitate the same stuff.

    Great post!

    1. Regurgitating can be funny! I know that I use the same phrases often, but heck ,this comedy not Shakespeare. 😉
      I understand for fiction you would have to follow some rules.

  3. Just write from the heart (and then edit). I find that when I get too caught up in the rules, I lose my “voice.” Your voice is what we love to hear (read). Keep doing what you do. We love it!

  4. I follow some rules but not others. For comedy purposes, heavy-handed repetition can be quite funny. And I’m not a strict grammarian. Sometimes sentence fragments work within a piece.

    My main rule is simple. I try to write in a way that I (as a reader) like to read. Admittedly, that means different things on different days, but I think about what hooks me as a reader.

    1. I try to write with the reader in mind as well. You can break all the rules if it is readable and it comes across in a way that makes sense of your nonsense if that makes any kind of sense?
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Serious writing is Hard Fun.

    I don’t mean THAT kind of hard fun, get your mind out of the gutter!! I mean it is hard work, but also enjoyable!!!!

    An important rule of writing is to avoid the use of exclamation points. Well, Duh.

    Another important rule of writing is to avoid the use of Well, Duh.

    My favorite rule of writing is what Linda said: “Just Write.” However, I prefer not to write for Pete’s sake, because Pete was a horrible jerk to my daughter. If I had to write for Pete’s sake, I would be using a lot of 4-letter words and death threats.

    Which, I believe, may also be against the rules of writing. Ditto the use of sentence fragments, but I ignore that rule, as well.

    Anyway, my daughter has an awesome new guy in her life now. Last I heard, abuser Pete was drinking himself to an early grave.


    1. Now, can you just assume my mind was in the gutter?
      Oh, yeah you have been here many times! 😉
      I agree! The overuse of exclamation points is not good! Not at all! Not one little bit! You, should also watch out for redundancy and repeating yourself, not good! And don’t repeat yourself, either.
      Pete sounds like a stinker and now that I know who he is I am not doing anything for that ba**ard!
      Thanks for the laugh and for stopping by!

  6. Several months ago on Twitter, #BadWritingTips was trending. It was great, all those hilarious bad tips, compiled in 140 characters or less, by authors and wannabe authors from around the globe, who were spending the day tweeting on Twitter instead of actually writing. I favorited a bunch of those tips. Commas and exclamation points were popular topics. I added a few bad writing tips of my own. Can’t remember ’em now though, so they must not have been that great.

    A lot of writers were advising that one should get very drunk before approaching the keyboard. I don’t know if that helps with writing, I haven’t had an alcoholic drink for over 22 years. I tape recorded myself once when I was drunk and had nobody to whine to, so I whined into the recorder. I played it back a few days later. It was horrific! It’s a good thing no one was there to listen to my drunken blubbering whine, they would have had to kill me! This is why I no longer drink. Ewwwww….. just thinking about it makes me shudder.

    1. Bad writing tips, eh? Sounds like another blog post! 😉 I have never been drunk and probably never will, having seen many people in that state, not sure I want to go there? I’m crazy enough as it is, drunk I would probably be scary. I was tipsy once, didn’t like the feeling much. The coffee high was enough for me!

      1. Drunk is bad, Sober is good. Coffee can be either, depending. Oh! That reminds me! It is nearly one in the afternoon and I have not had my morning coffee! I’ve been on the computer all day! I feel a caffeine withdrawal headache coming on…. gotta go drink. My coffee, I mean!


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