I Dare You!

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but ….I have run out of  ideas!

Yes , yours truly,comic genius extraordinaire-aka egotist-aka megalomaniac, has gone completely dry.

So, I need your help and am asking for it, which requires humility. (I am very humble,I could talk all day about it, but I don’t have the time.)

How can you help? 

 Do you have an idea  that you think is so stupid you are afraid to post it on your own blog site-I’m game!

An idea for a parody, but unlike me, you realize how ignorant they are, and  you would never dream of disgracing yourself by writing one?

I’ve got plenty of experience disgracing myself-so, bring it on!

I dare you!

Anyway, help a gal out won’t you?

Even if you don’t write ,love to hear your suggestions!












I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “I Dare You!

    1. Years ago I dated a guy who hated plastic pink flamingos. He thought they were the height of tackiness, and often ranted about these tasteless lawn ornaments. So naturally, on every gift-giving occasion, his closest friends and family presented him with plastic pink flamingos. Which he dutifully planted in his yard at his summer beach house.

      He is now retired and living alone year-round at his beach house, growing old and bitter and surrounded by plastic pink flamingos. Which brings a smile to my face every time I think about it, but that’s a whole other story.

  1. Weirdness. How’s that for a topic?

    I was in the kitchen a few minutes ago, and when I looked out the window toward the church that is across the street from our house, I was greatly startled to see what looked like a demonic entity coming out of the bell tower! Simultaneously I’m thinking “YiKeS!!” and “This explains a lot!!”

    Then I looked closer and realized the apparition was actually a man with very dark skin, dressed all in black from head to toe, and wearing a wide-brimmed black hat. He was repairing the damage that was done to the church’s roof – indeed to every roof in our town – by a super cell thunderstorm with softball-sized hail that pummelled our zip code for a solid half hour back in June.

    So I’m thinking that a good weird topic might be weirdness in general. The times we see something that appears at first glance to be something it isn’t. Why does the human mind tend to leap to bizarre conclusions? Or, is it just MY mind that does that?

    We need to replace our roof, too. Nearly all of the buildings in town now have brand new roofs. Which is definitely weird, because this is a dirt poor town with mostly 90-year-old houses that haven’t been maintained since they were constructed.

    I’m surrounded by weirdness! But that super cell was mega-weird. A storm-chasing crew had the windshield of their truck destroyed by it. They were only about a half mile from our house at the time. The video of that is posted on youtube, it’s erroneously entitled “Baseball to softball sized hail near Portales, New Mexico.” We are not that near Portales, and from looking at the video it is evident that they were smack in the middle of our town when their windshield was totalled.

    Wild fires, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat waves, blizzards, wars, killer viruses, super cells, Obama being re-elected…. all very weird. And the beat goes on……

      1. Haha! I write insanity, too! In fact I am currently writing a book, which I have entitled A MONSTER CALLED MADNESS. At least I think that will be the title, I have changed my mind several times already.

  2. I wish I could lose an eye so I could start wearing an eye patch in order to be more like Daryl Hannah’s character in Kill Bill. I have that thought at least once a day.

    1. Okay, are you saying I should do a post on the kill Bill Charterer or one about you wearing an eye patch?
      Since ,I do not know you, that would be awkward.
      I could try to do one on people thinking about wearing and eye patch several times a day?
      Sorry for the confusion and rambling..not sure where I am trying to go with this.
      Thanks for the input.

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