Diagnosed With Potato.

There is a name for my condition and I just found out what it is thanks to none other than the Reader’s  Digest!

I learn a lot from those folks!

Who knew that there was a  name for what my kids for so long have struggled in vain to explain to strangers? The reason for their mother’s ongoing weirdness  and disturbing  behavior.

The main characteristic of this disorder is that it only affects those over 30.

The symptoms include bursting out singing pop songs, from your teenage years, mine takes the form of “Girls just want to have fun”

It can include but is not limited to:

1.Trying desperately to be hip.( Is it still cool to say hip?)

2.Pretending you understand current technology.

3.Playing air guitar, air drums, air trumpets, and air harmonicas.

4.Dancing like no one is watching, while everyone is watching.

5.Dressing like you are 10-15 years younger.

6.Rolling down your window and  cranking  the car radio  up every time a  Police song comes on if you are an 80’s teen , Pink Floyd if you were a 70’s teen, The Beatles:”Come together” if you where a 60’s teen and after that I think the disorder is less prevalent.

7.Using slang terms no longer in vogue in a vain attempt to show you still got it.

8.Insisting you are fine after a night of partying with 20 somethings ,and then having to be taken home in an ambulance , because you legs finally gave out.(This one does not apply to me, but I have seen its effect on others-NOT PRETTY)

9.Listen to music you cannot understand or relate to,because it makes you appear younger.( At least that is the theory)

10.Saying you understand the new slang terms when you don’t and then rushing home to Google them.

What is this frightening disorder?


That is right you heard me, POTATO or People over thirty acting like they are twenty one!

So, do you act your age or like the old Bryan Adams song will you: “Never surrender.”?




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

31 thoughts on “Diagnosed With Potato.

    1. I am glad you like it! 🙂
      My kids just shake their heads, they know there is no cure for POTATO!
      Thanks as always for stopping by.

    1. Ha! The kids always are the first to spot the symptoms of POTATO! 😉 So, glad you stopped by! And i spelt things wrong all the time so no worries!

    1. My theory is, that you will feel the effects of POTATO by 35-36,when you realize OMG! I am almost 40!((Which doesn’t mean you will not show some symptoms earlier) So, you have a few years…will you use them wisely? Glad you liked the post.

  1. I feel younger than my age, but I don’t know that I act it. I guess I am what I am. Would be interesting to wonder what others thought about my actions. On second thought, perhaps I don’t want to know.

    1. I feel young as well and unfortunately I do know that I act younger! My kids let me know it!
      You being you is pretty good! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. “Come together…. right now…….OW, over me!”

    GROOVIE, Baby. (Or is it spelled GROOVY? Of all the things I’ve lost with the passing of time, I miss my mind the most.)

    My generation’s motto used to be: “Never trust anyone over 30.” Which was a really stupid motto because, unless you OD’d before the big 3-0, 30 was where we were all heading.

    Now the Boomer’s motto is: “Will you still need me when I’m 64?”

    Back when I turned 30, I thought I had reached The End. Turning 40 was like, OHHHH NOOOOO. For my 50th, being newly divorced, I took my settlement money and a Xanax, then celebrated the day with my first (and only) hot air balloon ride. The hunky balloon pilot asked me out, after telling me that I was the most beautiful 50-year-old woman he had ever seen. Which left me wondering how I compared with all the 49-year-olds and the 51-year-olds. Anyway, I wasn’t ready to date yet, so I turned him down. (This was a few months before I met O Stanislaus, the man who is now my best-friend-hubby, aka my BFH.)

    On May 2 of this coming year… unless those Mayans were right, which I’m half hoping that they were…. I shall turn (G*A*S*P) SIXTY.

    That, Boys and Girls, is 30, times 2!! My eldest is 41, my youngest is in 31, my eldest grandchild is 21 and in her second year of college, and my first great-grandchild, a boy, is due by the end of February.

    But I am most definitely still a POTATO and proud of it. I will NEVER, no not EVER, grow up. I intend to still be grooving to the oldies when I hit my triple digits… that is, assuming I haven’t joined the Mayans by then.

    By the way, I used to know a guy who looked exactly like Mr. Potato Head. I’m not making this up. It wasn’t so bad, really, until he started growing all those eyes….

    Lady Q

    1. Ha!Ha! Don’t join the Mayans! I like getting your replies! 😉 I had a hard time with 40, although, looking back I do not know why? I felt better than I had for years! I still feel and act Young and my husband, bless his heart says I look young, so POTATO it is! A guy with many eyes could be real trouble for a gal, good thing you ditched him.

      1. So far, my best years have been since I turned 50.

        I used to live near a good friend who was the mother-in-law of the rock star Meatloaf. When people made a big deal of her celebrity connection, Virginia would put her hands on her hips and say: “I Was Somebody Before Meatloaf!” Although she was somewhere in her late 70s or possibly 80s, Virginia was ageless and lovely, with a delightfully youthful spirit that was an inspiration not only to me, but to my younger son, who was then 19. “Virginia makes it not seem so scary to get old,” my son said. Virginia and my 70-something Aunt Bev are my inspirations.

      2. I have my moments of rebellion, but it is coming and what can you do? I will just be as young as possible!

  3. I have been told more than once to stop singing in public, the kids do actually love it I can tell by they way they turn and rush away Ha Ha POTATO I looks like I have suffered with this for quite a while.

    1. Ha! Ha! There is no know cure for POTATO so we might as well enjoy it, right? 😉
      As far as the kids are concerned they embarassed us enough and now it is payback time!
      You keep sining away!

      1. Embarrassing your kids builds their character. When mine were teenagers, I made up a rap song, which I occasionally sang in front of their friends. I called my rap song “Booger Delight,” because it was about boogers.

        Hehehe…. I can still hear my kids screaming NO MOM NOT THE BOOGER SONG!!!!!

      2. I don’t usually reply to my own reply but felt a correction was needed in this case! Meant singing not sining! :0

      3. Yes, my poor kids… I do feel kind of bad now about the embarassment I caused them. Would you have been mortified if your mother had volunteered to go along as a chaperone on an outing with you and all your high school classmates, and then took advantage of the captive audience on the school bus to sing this rap song:

        Well I was getting kinda hungry ’bout a quarter to noon
        so I went downtown to the greasy spoon.
        The waitress wore a mini that was painted on tight
        and she said “I recommend you try the Booger Delight.”

        Now did she think that I was crazy, or just insane
        to offer me a ghoulash with a goulish name?
        When I asked her what was in it, she just rolled her eyes
        and told me I was in for a fine surprise!

        “Well it’s high in protein, low in fat
        now you can’t get a better booger than that.
        It’s lean and green with a taste so mean
        and I can fry it in an instant in my Booger Machine.”

        Hey, I’ll try anything just one time
        so I placed an order for a bowl of slime.
        Freshly picked, and broiled in butter,
        as she headed for the kitchen I could hear her mutter:
        “Booger Delight, well it’s outta sight!
        Yeah, the Booger Delight goes down just right.
        Gets your lips a-smacking and your bowels a’cracking
        now there ain’t no bite like the Booger Delight!”

        Well it costs six dollars and ninety-five
        but there’s no better booger, and that ain’t no jive.
        Just hold your nose and down it goes
        you can feel it a’bubblin’ all the way to your toes
        yeah, the Booger Delight!


  4. I have been a POTATO for years! I sing and dance to commercials, I still use the word groovey and although I have no children to embarass, I am sure if anyone could see me, they would be embarassed. I had a real hard time turning 40, cried for 3 days. 50 wasn’t so bad and I hope when I am 60, I am still a POTATO. Rock on, groovey, awesome and totally cool!

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