There is an Angel on My Facebook Page.

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There are so many  strange and silly things  I see on Facebook it makes me wonder if the people who post this crap are more demented than I am?

Below is my version of the things I’m not impressed with when they show up on my Facebook page.

1.Good luck Angel.

Just add this angel to your Facebook page and you will have good luck!

You will never have to worry about anything ever again!

Do you have bad breath?  Dandruff?  Drug addiction? Do you beat helpless women and children?

All of that will end if you will  just copy and paste this angel on your Facebook page.

And don’t forget to send this good luck angel to your friends so they can share in the good luck, too!

If you don’t, then you will have bad luck for 44.2 years and all your teeth will fall out.

2.Play this game! Play this game! Play this game! Play this game! Play this game! Play this game!

This request is always multiplying and it seems no matter how many times you turn down the request or how politely you post on your wall that you do not play these games, you are still going to get a request to do so like 900 times a day!

3. You hate puppies and kittens if you do not paste this cute battered puppy on you wall; what you are saying is you like it when people are cruel to cute little kittens and puppies you @#!*@#!

Okay, you who are controlled by P.E.T.A.MASTER, I do like puppies and kittens, but if I pasted one of these idiotic requests  on my wall,every time I got one,my whole Facebook page would be littered(No pun intended) with puppy and kitten pictures, thus making it hard to plug my blog!

4. I found out who hates my friggen’ guts and so can you with this new App. They hate me , they really hate me App.

First of all who would want to know this?

I may be strange, but I can live without such information.

Since most Facebook accounts are not private, it should be really easy to see if you are being hated or not and then you can, say it with me Block Them!

If you are really concerned, then try making a private account, if the haters are your own friends, this should help you find out pretty quick and there will be no need for the APP.

5. My name is Slutty Suzy and I cannot find a boyfriend! 

Well, Suzy I feel for you, but what in the hell do you want me to do about it?

Do I look like a dating service?

You could try not looking and sounding so desperate and for goodness sakes put some pants on!

6.I just went to the mall! I just got a tan! I just ate at Snobs are Us! Look at me I am one of the beautiful people!

All, I can say is: “Well, hurrah for you!”

The rest of us ordinary people will be too busy to care.

Anything on Facebook that makes you scratch your head and wonder?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “There is an Angel on My Facebook Page.

  1. I’m SO with you on the “Like if you want to end cancer” posts. So if I don’t click “like,” I don’t care about people with cancer? And if I do click “Like,” does it MATTER to people with cancer? Do they get a check or a get-well-soon card in the mail?? Okay, I’m ranting on your blog. Loved your post, btw! 🙂

  2. I don’t like getting ads for things that my friends ‘like,’ such as Walmart and games and apps. But honestly, I don’t have enough friends to get too much, since I mostly use my public page.

    1. I have been on Facebook for a couple of years.
      I get stuff all the time.
      I get the my friend likes this and that, too.
      Thats nice wish I cared!

  3. I get so tired of all the push if you like also on facebook. I try to hide and block as much as I can. It never stops
    I don’t care about your religious, non-reglious beliefs, your sexual preference, your anger management issues, your passive-aggressive behavior, violent or peaceful objectives, whimpy or bold posts, God will answer all your prayers(wishes) if you re-post this crap! God is not a genie! I joined Facebook to chat with fam/friends that I don’t live near. I like getting updates about their lives and seeing their photos BUT it is almost not worth it by the time I weed through the garbage!

    1. Yeah I hear you! I can’t figure out how to block everything-wish I could! I like keeping up with folks, but do I really need to know you are at the mall?

  4. I dont need to impress a bunch of manipulative idiots to know that I love my mom, hate cancer, care about battered animals, or hate Bieber. I always scroll down when I see those posts. They fail to move me. I am surprised so many people are gullible and stupid enough to feel the need to reply. I am not.

  5. I ended my facebook account back on January 1, after realizing that I am not personality disordered enough to get along well on facebook. Or is it the other way around? Eh, Whatever. My hubby is still on fb, and he lets me know if anyone among our family or friends posts something that I really want to know. Which is surprisingly seldom.

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