The Scam Letter Challenge.

A while back, yesterday to be exact, a fellow blogger challenged me.

When challenged right or wrong, smart or stupid, legal or otherwise, I’ve got to throw down the glove, run the gauntlet, and do many other obvious metaphoric things that mean I accept the challenge!

The challenge was to write a spam scam letter . Because, we bloggers are a noble set of people if not a little crooked! (Okay, that made no sense!)

I won’t pretend to think I could do a better job than the blogger mentioned, but I am going to give it my all, because milking people out of thousands and possibly even hundreds of dollars is too  great a chance to just ignore!

Fairytalescancometrue Inc.

Care of  Ima Baden

123456789 Moola Street

Scamtown, USA


Dear friend,

In these hard economic times I want to alert you to a great opportunity!

Why would I offer you this great opportunity?

Because, I have been cyber stalking made aware that you could greatly benefit from the offer I am about to make to you!

An offer that could change your life!-Are you ready to change your life?-WELL ARE YOU?

I have recently found out that I am a princess! A very rich princess at that!

I have always wanted to be a princess and now I am!

Due to international laws no one has ever heard of and are much too technical to explain, I am not able to access my fortune of 10 billion zillion trillion dollars!

This is where you come in and I you clean up!

All I need you to do is to follow a few simple steps and Walla !- You will be rich!

I am prepared to share 10% of my wealth with you and 10% of  10 billion zillion trillions dollars is a lot!

Just send me your name, address, social security number, bank account number, deed to your house, copy of registration to your vehicle , and the name of your first-born. ( If you do not have any children yet, just send the name that you are most likely to name your first-born and my legal adviser Rumpelstiltskin will get back with you at a later date)

I sincerely hope you take this opportunity of letting me scam help you, but if not I still have many gullible people on my back-list, I just wanted to give you and the other thousands of suckers the opportunity first!


Princess Ima Badone

So did I met the challenge? Could it have been better? How is the weather?






I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

19 thoughts on “The Scam Letter Challenge.

  1. Well…you do realise that the only true way to test this is for you and I to start scamming actual people with our letters and see who makes the most money, right? Let the scamming begin! 😉

    1. And let’s hope our respective governments are not too diligent about stopping scammers! Ha! 🙂 This week princess Ima badone next week somebody else!
      Anyway, good luck and if one of us is unsuccessful we could always stoop to blackmail!

    1. I get one of these letters a least twice a month, but after the third response letter I sent and having to change banks twice -I gave up hope that I’d be getting anything! 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it.

      1. Great! 🙂 It is a pleasure taking money from an award winning author like yourself! 😉
        Seriously: Wow! Way to go!

      2. Hey, now! They are really quite comfy!
        You would have thought the same if I said you were going to be one of top e-book sellers! That happened, didn’t it? 😉

      3. Well, not quite. It’s an award for best new fiction e-book, not the number of sales. Could win it if you sold one book or a million. And it’s just one book award out of many, but it’s still a nice treat. (See? I told you I was pragmatic. 🙂 )

      4. Well I can keep my million copy thing to myself and let you be pleasantly surprised if it happens- see I said If-better? 😉

  2. Very good. I get these type of letters in e-mail form a few times a year. What amazes me is that are really people out there who believe it COULD be true and for that reason alone, follow through with responding. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are such niave people out there. When they discover the truth, after losing any money they had, they always look so stunned and hurt. Really? Can you really believe that the internet is regulated and only legitimate companies/offers are allowed on line? So sad for true…

    1. It makes you scratch your head and wonder that is for sure! I get these too! Another thing I hate is post this angel on your Facebook page and you will be granted good luck! I think they are confusing angels with fairies!?
      Anyway thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I went to check my email and feel really insulted that you don’t consider me one of your thousands of suckers, now I think I will just have to keep the name of my firstborn to myself 🙂

    Yep I think you are on to something, I have actually gotten some that were less convincing that yours was 😉

    1. Ha! Ha!
      Really sorry I insulted you like that must have misplaced your email! 😉 My legal adviser Rumpelstiltskin will be getting back with you soon!

      Glad to know I am good enough to scam unsuspecting people out millions or even maybe thousands!

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