Too Much Caffeine!

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I do not usually drink a lot of coffee, but today was a busy day and so I drank a whole pot of the stuff and I feel just a little strange and a little bit jittery, which is weird because although I have to admit I’m a little strange I am never jittery, so like Whoa! What is up with that dude and duettes or whatever the hell you are, even transvestite need love, so your included to cuz’  I wouldn’t want to leave anybody out would I? That would just be wrong wouldn’t it? I mean everyone should be treated with respect I mean,just because they are wearing one of grandma’s girdles and a pair of her stockings doesn’t mean you have the right to look down on them, now does it?  I mean even if it is a 300lbs.  man who is hairier than a monkey, still this the Untied States isn’t? People still have rights, don’t they?

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 I am feeling kinda of sick now!

Excuse me, must run, not walk to the bathroom…okay, I’m back…oh, crap!!

Must run……Alright…never mind running … and once again…and once again…

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 I think I am okay now, but I still feel a bit jittery and nervous, the good news is I lost 5lbs. in water weight!  And I was able to read the whole readers digest in one sitting. There is a lot of useful information in that magazine: health articles, how to enrich you word power, and jokes and many other useful and interesting stuff! I mean it is a lot to take in at one sitting and so I am almost glad that I had to sit on the toilet for an hour peeing out all that coffee, if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have enriched my word power would I?  and where would a writer be without word power? Why without words you couldn’t write anything, could you? That was deep, if I do say so myself! What a clever gal I am!  Ha! Ha! Ha!……What in the world is happening to me?

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Am now laughing for no apparent reason…ha ha he ho ha he ho ha he he ha ha ho ho ha!

I feel light headed…the room is spinning…going to pass…. (THUD!)

Are you a big coffee drinker? Never drink it? Sometimes? Ever have a caffeine high?




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

18 thoughts on “Too Much Caffeine!

  1. The title of this blog reminds me of our dear niece, Samantha. She was about 4 years old and her father had little paitience with her one day..Samantha, was well a very “curious” child. After many attempts to deal with her clamly, her father lost his temper. Samantha’s response to the “yelling” was to wave her finger at her dad and say “Too much caffeine, daddy, too much caffeine”. I laughed my butt off.
    By the way, I would simply die without my morning coffee or kill the person nearest to me if I can’t have at least 2 cups. (:

    1. My hubby (O Stanislaus) is the world’s biggest coffee junkie. I just shared this with him because I thought he would find it funny. He told me he clicked “like” on the post, then clicked “dislike” on Rachael’s comment which says she does not like coffee. He’s really weird about his coffee.

      Which is why this is a very special memory for me: one day my hubby (O Stanislaus) brought a cup of coffee to me in bed. Then he got dressed to go to the store. I asked why he was going shopping so early. “We’re out of coffee,” he said. “I gave you the last cup because….. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN COFFEE.”

      Wow! To a coffeeholic like my Stanislaus, that was a gift more precious than diamonds!

  2. Hahahahahahah……..HAhahahaha…..Oh dear!!!! Rachael, this is the best. No kidding, I was reading it aloud to my daughter, falling off the chair laughing. 😀

    1. Linda’s right again, this post is serious funny. It’s good enough to go postal… er, I mean, viral.

      I’d like to see what Rachael is like drunk.

      1. Well..if I did get drunk this blog could very well go postal! ( Okay, that made no sense)

        I don’t think I would want to see myself drunk, a half of a beer would probably do the trick! 😉

  3. When my youngest was in his early 20s, he was hired to work third shift in a 24-hour gas station and convenience store. Never a coffee drinker, he called me one night at around 3 in the morning, and this is what he said:


    Mom… I mean, Lady Q

  4. I have been drinking caffine for years and nothing bad ever happened to me..I am in perfect control and my mind is fine, my nerves are not jittery and I don’t talk too much or ramble on and on and about stupid stuff like the the Houston Texans cheating and stealing the game from the Lions who suck anyway…..

  5. Lava Java has this effect on me. I leave it well alone. (But shit, woman, if you’re like this on caffeine, what would you be like on… well, something stronger?)

    1. I don’t know what I’d be like on anything stronger and I better not find out, scary,scary place! I haven’t drank anything stronger than tea or coffee, since before the kids and the oldest is 21. Kinda late to start partying now. If I did, then someone evil would video tape it, it may go viral as “Mom’s gone wild” My kids would go on talk shows and disown me, my husband would look sternly at me and shake his head. My siblings would write articles and tell all books.( they’d have to make up stuff, but I don’t put it past them)
      So,I guess I’ll have to stick to caffeine for my highs.

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