I’d Rather Be A Beaver Than a Duck.

Ever want to write something so silly people wonder if you lost your sanity?
No?  Must be me.
This parody is just ridicules, but I couldn’t help myself, because I am rather silly like that!
I’m not sure that this tune is all that  familiar to many people.
So,  first I will  introduce you to the real song and you can see how it is supposed to go.
Here you are the fabulous Simon and Garfunkel:
And now the not so fabulous: I’d rather be a beaver than a duck. (Tune to “El Condor Pasa” by Simon and Garfunkel) 

Beaver CREES Stock Photo - 13051424


I’d rather be a beaver than a duck,

Cause being a duck would surely suck.

Couldn’t make me a house made out of muck,

If I was a duck I’d just get stuck.


 Chewing on wood, I’d rather chew some wood

Than be a duck with its bottom up, silly bottom up

A duck will fly away –he will fly so far away.

The beaver will stay right in his dam he hasn’t swam,

No, far away he hasn’t swam.

Beaver Cartoon Stock Photo - 13350895


I’d rather be a beaver than a duck,

Cause being a duck would surely suck.

Although, a bill looks better, still..

Even with teeth that are bucked,

I’d rather be a beaver than a duck.

Would you rather be a beaver than a duck?  Would you rather be a duck than a beaver?
Would rather have skipped reading this blog today? Whatever your feelings feel free to vent!







I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

16 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be A Beaver Than a Duck.

  1. I’d rather be a duck, I could fly and swim. I just can’t imagine gnawing on wood all day. Keep on “chuckin” Rachael. 🙂

      1. I used to own a heavily-wooded 80 acres in a remote area of Maine. Directly across the road from my land was a snowmobilers trail that ran alongside a small stream about 1/4 mile through the woods, ending in a beautiful, completely secluded, narrow sandy beach on Moose Cove, with breath-taking views across the Bay of Fundy going all the way to Canada. I loved walking down the trail to “my” private cove, where I would sit on a boulder, dig my toes in the sand, and listen to the music of the seagulls and the ocean waves.

        But, tragically, it all came to an end the day I headed down the trail and only made it a short distance when I found that beavers had built a dam in the nearby stream and completely flooded the area. No more easy walk to the beach!

        For this reason, I am not fond of beavers. Duck, on the other hand, is very tasty.

        (Isn’t it amazing how bored and mildly deranged people can make an entire conversation out of utter nonsense? This is fun!)

      2. Yes, duck is tasty, but if you think about it, who eats beavers? 🙂 Which is another good reason to be a beaver and not a duck!
        And yes, it’s quite incredible how my deranged brain works! People often say, “Rachael, you are something else!”
        They never get around to saying just what. 😉

      3. I agree with Linda, it’s not weird to like beavers. They are kind of cute. Even if they did flood my beach access. They did a very nice job of it. 🙂

  2. I am a Beaver. That is, I’m 1/16th Beaver. It was a surprise when I found that out!

    See, I was researching my genealogy a couple of years ago, and that’s how I discovered that one of my great-great-grandfather’s was a Native American Cherokee, and his last name was Beaver.

    It’s amazing who you’ll find in your family tree. One of my favorites so far is my great x 4 or 5 grandfather “Big Sandy” Wallen who, at the age of 47, and with 11 children at home, joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War. He was looking for some peace and quiet, I have no doubt.

  3. This raises some profound philosophical questions…but I must say I quite luck the concept of a duck – the can swim, then can fly, they can walk and they even dive underwater. They’re a truly versatile live form.

    1. Yes, I am out numbered by the duck lovers! 😦
      But, I march to the beat of my own off-beat drummer.
      Glad you stopped by and I’ll think about what you said and then believe what I want anyway, after all that is the American way! 😉

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