A Hopeless Romantic?

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I have been reading many blogs lately some funny some serious all pretty dang good.

But, I have noticed a trend on some of the other women’s blogs and am sitting here wondering if I am one of last of the hopeless romantic types?

I love my husband, but hoping for him to be a suave, sophisticated, romantic isn’t happening.

His idea of seducing me is to say, “ Ahoy, my fine wench, you wanna  matey?” in his best pirate voice.   It is kinda cute!  (To my kids: sorry, hope I didn’t gross you out there.)

He does give me gifts, but usual it is not a surprise. He wants to show what a great guy he is so he blabs it and says something like:  “Guess what I am going to do for you?” and then proceeds to tell me.

I was told this is saying. “Don’t Blab”

I have seen blogs where the wife has complained that her husband has the audacity to call her gorgeous.

Hell, I settle for a sweetie pie or hunny bunny.

One particular blogger said she hoped that her husband wouldn’t try and imitate the shower scene from whatever James Bond movie they had gone to see.

You guessed it I never saw it, but I would take a peck on the back of the neck in the shower any day of the week. (Again, kids ,sorry.)

The only danger I can foresee is dying from shock.

But a little romance never actual  killed anyone; at least I don’t think it would.

I wouldn’t mind experimenting with it a little.  What can I say I like a walk on the wild side now and then?

My perfect date seems wrong as well, most of what I read has something to do with going to a sports bar and watching some stupid sports event and shouting at the big screen TV.

The perfect date for me is my husband showing up in a tuxedo with a dozen long stem roses whisking me off in a limo for a night of Broadway and then dancing under the stars until three in the morning.

This date in reality would probably look more like him showing up with a clean polo shirt and khakis, handing me a bunch of flowers he bought at the local Kroger (still nice, mind you), throwing the fast food bags and containers in the back seat of the Lincoln, going to see some geeky fantasy film, and coming home to collapse on the couch at 10 p.m. snoring to beat the band.


Now, I do realize it is too much pressure for a man to continually try and be some kind of James Bond character and that it would probably wear thin after awhile-A Long While! – and I would run out of sexy witty remarks eventually, even though I have been writing them down for years just in case the special moment ever arrives.

But, still it would get annoying trying to be clever all the time and so, I will take my Irish blabbing pirate and be happy with what I’ve got.

So, am I the last of the die-hard romantics or are there still some of you out there?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

5 thoughts on “A Hopeless Romantic?

  1. I think the definition of Die Hard Romantic changes as we get older, it is nice to give flowers and candy and go out on the town for a nice date, and I know my wife would truly love this, but now that I am retired and by time she gets home from work it’s kind of nice to just fall asleep watching TV, sitting together on the porch early in the morning is kind of romantic too 🙂

    1. Sitting on the porch can be romantic and I am happy with my Irish pirate, but a girl can dream…
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Romance is in the eye of the loved one….The little things that are done to show you really are thinking of the the other person is romance to me. Last week, at work, we were so busy I could barley look up. Somehow, a guy came in selling roses and Greg managed to buy one and put it on my desk without me knowing it. That single red rose was my romance for the day. (:

    1. Ah how sweet! Paul has been bringing me a cup of tea and a square of chocolate when he knows I am stressed with school! It is nice! 🙂

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