I’m Going to Write and Write and Write Until I die!

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I made a big deal once about how silly I thought it was to write everyday.

Now, I am going to eat my words.

Really, I am arranging the whole blog post out in Alpha-Bits!

Glad it was a short post!!

I don’t like Alpha-Bits!

I need to write everyday, it keeps me relatively sane.


When writing I do not have time to brood, can forget my petty worries, unless that is what I am writing about today, and can concentrate better.

I have a very hard time with that last thing  except when writing.

Red squirrel in the natural environment Stock Photo - 9042254

(What??  Squirrel?! Never mind-It was nothing. My bad.)

So,  am going to try and write every single day.

That does not mean every single thing I write will end up on my blog.

I may not even post this piece at all, which  would make this sentence useless, and I have no idea why it has been included.

I am no longer going to publish the same day that I write-up a post.

Coming back the next day should help me evaluate the piece better and I can decide then to trash, publish, or save it for another day.

I should have been taking this approach all along;  think my writing would have been better for it.

 Hey, now, who just shouted “It is about time?”

You will have to excuse me now I have some Alpha- Bits to eat!

How about you do you write everyday or do you have a life that prevents that? How often do you write?




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “I’m Going to Write and Write and Write Until I die!

  1. I never publish a post I’ve written that day. I try to write it a few days ahead of time so that I can review it and make sure it’s still what I want to say. Others wing it and do so brilliantly. Just a matter of style.

    1. It depends on your style as you say. 🙂
      I am finding the pieces to be better if I wait a day or two.
      I am a constant re-editor.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree, Rachael. I never publish a post until I’ve slept on it. (Did that sound weird? 🙂 I always wake up and “fix it” by changing, shortening, or moving it around so it reads better. But whatever you’re doing is working… Love your blog, girl!!

    1. Hey thanks! I’m constantly re-editing and driving my family nuts! 🙂 I like your blog, too! Many thanks for stopping by!

  3. I try to post something every other day, I end up writing most everyday but like you said I usually go back the next day and reread it to see if it still makes sense, I actually read everything I write out loud because that sometimes makes a difference on the wording, I notice it more when I hear it I suppose.

    Now my next trick is staying caught up on everyone’s blogs 🙂

  4. The art of writing is re-writing. I’ve forgotten the name of the author who said that, but she was write. I mean, right.

  5. Great plan! I always liked the idea of pre-writing a bunch of posts and then just ironing out the kinks and publishing later. However, I don’t seem to have time to do that, plus I’m too impatient to wait with publishing…ah well!

    Good luck on the writing journey – it’s a lifestyle for sure 🙂

    1. The only writing I have done for the last week was to get my 800 word subject report done! -Evil professors!

      Everyone has their own style and yours seems to be working just fine!

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