Please, Mister,Please Don’t Vote Me Number 1.

Dude Write


I was asked to participate in a contest for Dude Write and was very honored to be included, it brought a lot of traffic to my blog and many witty comments!

However, technology hates me!

I had waited until the last day to post anything.

I tried 3 times to link up-3 times I failed. (WTH is a back link?)

I finally lowered my pride and admitted I did not know what the hell I was doing!

Mr.Nest  came to the rescue!!

And soon I was linked up!

Well… after two more false starts  I was linked up.

Anyway, hurray for me!

I was number 1 !-Alright!!

Well, I was number 1 for about 3 minutes!

Seems everyone is number 1 for a few seconds until all the entries start coming in!
After, that you are replaced and your number gets reassigned.

How embarrassing I already tweeted I was number 1 !

Then I found out voting did not start until later in the evening!

Damn! I had tweeted about that, too!

So, red-faced and feeling dumb, I had to tweet that voting didn’t actually start until later!

It seems it pays to read the fine print when doing this kind of thing!!

But, everything is hunky dory now and you can vote for me #5! (Link below)

Anyway thanks Dude Write !

And thank you, Daniel! 



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Please, Mister,Please Don’t Vote Me Number 1.

  1. Yes sometimes we have to look at the fine print 🙂 heck I have added a couple of posts before and really didn’t know my readers could come in and vote, I suppose I’ll have to share this information.

    By the way I have a feeling you are going to do well, my vote is for you.

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