The Shoe Horror!

This post was inspired by a Twitter conversation, it seems there is a young lady out there who likes shoes almost as much as I do!

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Once there was a young lady, the name doesn’t really matter, who loved shopping.

Her love of shopping perplexed her father who could not see the reason for such devotion to the activity.

Although, this young lady loved all things shopping she especially loved shoes!

I mean what is there not to love about shoes?

So, one day bored and longing for new shoes she made her way  to the mall with the $40 dollars she had saved up from babysitting the bratty neighbor kids.

Shopping concept with bag on white Stock Photo - 10959694

When she got to the mall an eerie sight awaited her, the mall was open, but there where no other shoppers!

She cautiously strolled through the Mall and became more and more confused.

None of the old stores where there! The Gape clothing store-gone! Pretzel Land-gone! And many other stores that were there just yesterday! All gone!

The only stores left where shoe stores!

“What in the world!“, she gasped out loud.

It was then she heard the voice!

She didn’t see anyone just heard a voice.

The voice said to her, “You will find what you seek within the store of the golden shoes.”

After, what seemed like hours of aimlessly going from one store to another, she saw the sign.

It read: Golden Shoe Boutique and its emblem was a pair of hideous golden shoes.

She really doubted that she would like anything that store had to offer, but she went in.

And, it was there she found them the cutest sneakers in the world, but there was no price!

Sport shoes design Stock Photo - 10968925

She gingerly cradled them in her hands and took them up to the sales counter.

She thought about how her nemesis, Suzy, was going to be so jealous of her new-found shoes!

Practically giddy when she laid the precious shoes on the counter, she didn’t see the smirk on the clerk’s face as she rang up the shoes.

“$40.99!. please.”, said the smirking clerk.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed and then she woke up.

So, how about you crazy about shoes or could you care less?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “The Shoe Horror!

      1. Not really. Once a Target girl, always a Target girl. That being said, I do enjoy a nice handbag. But I’ll carry the same one around for a long time, so I get my money’s worth. 🙂

      2. You sound very practical. Which is a good thing!

        Try to be practical, but then those shoes call out me, ” Buy, me Rachael” and I fall!

      3. Haven’t gone to the movies in I do not know when, I should -miss going. Any advice on what to go see?

      4. Well, I like action movies best, so it depends on what you like. I just saw “Sinister”–scary and creepy. Also recently saw “Taken 2.” It was so-so. I’m looking forward to the new James Bond film coming out soon. But I’ll see pretty much anything. I LOVE going to the movies. And I love popcorn. 🙂

      5. My son goes more than Paul or I do.
        Cannot do creepy big baby!
        I do agree, however that popcorn is lovely! 🙂

  1. I used to be ashoe my younger days. But now, I still to the same shoes, 3 pair I wear often and one dress pair. 2 are brown, dress shoes are black and then the sneakers. I do have boots for the snowy days and sandels for summer. One pair of each. At one time, I have over 25 pair of shoes but the older I get, I have dwindled down to comfortable and farmilar. I hate, and always have hated, to shop…..

    1. Oh, I love shoes!!! I haven’t count how many pairs I have but it is probably around 20+
      I am not one to shop all day, that bores me.
      I like to shop for gifts the best.

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