You say it is your birthday-who in the heck are you anyway?

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No this is no another parody so just calm down!!

I thought in honor of my birthday, I would tell you all a little more about myself.

What do you mean by that sarcastic, “O,Joy!” ?

At first, I thought I would give you as many facts as I have been alive,but 40+ facts would make for a very long post and besides I like to be a women of mystery. ( That and I wouldn’t want to bore you to death)

So, instead I will give you 10 facts you may not know and may not wanted to know about me.

Buy may not know, I mean: if you are not related to me you do not know.

 Buy may not wanted to know,I mean: too dang bad this is my blog!!

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1.I was born on Friday the Thirteenth! ( In October yet!)

2. I have brown hair. (Unless I have colored  it red)

3. I have green eyes ( Pure green or as my Uncle’s wife once stated, “As green as a cats.”)

4. I have a birthmark on my right leg. ( But none on my left)

5.My middle name is Eden ( Yeah, like the Garden of….)

6.I am not ticklish ( Much to the sorrow of my ticklish husband)

7.I hate the bottom of my feet touched. ( Death to those who try!)

8.I hate chocolate and peanut butter together( Chocolate is good, peanut butter is okay/  together=yucky)

9.I much rather have a birthday pie than a birthday cake.( Preferably coconut cream)

10. I tend to be conservative. ( But, I don’t really like politics)

So, there you go a little bit more about me. How about yourself are you the kind to keep somethings hidden ?  Or are you the kind that tells it all?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “You say it is your birthday-who in the heck are you anyway?

  1. I enjoyed this, Rachael. I’m not tellin YOU my hidden secrets because we share facebook and twitter. Hahaha…but now I know your’s!! 😀

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