Another Year Older or This Sucks!


Yes, this is the same post as last year, I did this for two reasons:

1.I still feel the same way

2.I’m lazy

Today is my birthday.

Yeah…Yeah…Happy Friggen’ Birthday to me, I guess.

Birthdays use to make me real happy!

Birthday cake, ice cream, balloons,  noise makers, toys, and another year closer to adulthood.

Then I became an adult.

Being an adult-sucks!

As a kid, I thought , when I’m an adult I’ll get to do anything I want to!

You do not get to do everything you want to-in fact you hardly get to do anything you want to!

This is compounded  if you have kids and have to be a role model!

Being a role model sucks!!

You have to watch you language-you don’t want little Billy or little Suzy to go up to Grammie, after have been offered an apple, grinning like a Cheshire cat saying, “Damn it, Grammie- I wanted a cookie, what the hell is this?!”

Now ,that my kids are older, I can relax a little.

But, you really never get away from it.

After I joined Twitter and found that my son had “followed” me, I realized that I was going to have to behave.


You have to think over your choices carefully, gone is the spontaneity of youth and all its zany stupidity!

You have obligations now-obligations-you guessed it-suck!

But, the very worst thing about birthdays  is that you get another year older!

Getting another year older-stinks!

You thought I was gonna say sucks again, didn’t you?

Well, you are right, it does!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Another Year Older or This Sucks!

  1. Well, as my step-father says, it’s better than the alternative…

    Happy Birthday! And so close to your anniversary. 🙂

  2. You know what doesn’t suck, or even stink? Getting birthday wishes! So:

    Happy birthday! Have an awesome day! And it’s a Saturday, so the timing is perfect – hope your family spoils you…but not too much, because spoiled stuff stinks 😉

    1. Thanks,Daniel! The Birthday wishes are much appreciated! 🙂
      I already got my main Birthday gift an exercise gadget called the Body Rider Elliptical.
      I am liking it and cursing it by turns!
      Being out of shape -sucks!!
      Getting into shape sucks, too!!
      Being visited by fellow bloggers-that never sucks!

  3. Geez Rach, I’m almost afraid to say Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My daughter was following mE on twitter and I ended up blocking her. I’m a adult for Pete’s sake!! Fight for you rights, 🙂

    1. Happy Birthday wishes are always welcome! 🙂
      My mom hat is firmly in place and I cannot budge it!! Dang it all!
      Guess I’m stuck with it!

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