I usually do no do many “list” type postings and the Lady Gaga thing has been done to death!

But, this idea just wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t just leave it stuck up there in my brain going round and round.

 3 Reasons Lady Gaga will never be mistaken for a real lady!


3. Her wardrobe.

Like any real lady she has a large wardrobe.

But, most real ladies do not chose to wear their dinner, at least not intentionally.


Nor do they choose to wear dead Kermit coats.

Lady GaGa gets her Muppet on, donning a Kermit the Frog coat during a German television interview. >

I could not see a real lady in either one of these nightmares.

Well, okay maybe in my nightmares or in a really bad horror flick.

But, defiantly not to the royal ball.

2. Her Fragrance choices.

She could have chosen anything; there are millions of smells to choose from.

How about plastic melting in the sun, wet puppy noses, or international cheeses, just to name a few?

But, blood, sweat, and semen?

 Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz

Okay, so the rumors of those three components actually being present in the perfume are not true, but is that what you really want to smell like?

I was always taught in health class to take a shower to avoid smelling like those three things!

What is next: entrails of a freshly killed raccoon?

1. Her entertainment choices or This ain’t your sainted Grandma’s party!

Nothing says “Lady Like” as much as a feel me up and watch me pee party!

Okay, almost anything else would probably qualify before that one!

The only thing more disturbing than the concept of this stunt-was that people actually showed up!


“Hey, where are you going tonight?

“Oh, we thought we’d head on over to that party and feel up Lady Gaga, watch her pee, and then buy that blood, sweat, and semen perfume she is offering. After all there is nothing good on TV tonight!”



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Lady?Gaga.

  1. Oh, wow, I just learned things that I’ll never be able to erase from my brain. I knew about the meat dress and the kermit outfit, but not the rest. Oy vey. (And no, I’m not Jewish, but I like to say ‘Oy vey.’ 😉 )

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