A New Time Low.


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Okay, I did it!

I stooped to a new time low.

I am hanging my head in shame!

I bit the hook that was dangled before me!

I commented on YouTube!

Oh, the humanity!

The weird freakin’ humanity!

I was in a wicked sarcastic mood !

I was blinded by my own cleverness!

I didn’t know!

I couldn’t see!

Who would have known the poor fellow would take me seriously?

I have to say I am a little nervous about posting this, because:

1.The video clip below might be misunderstood.

2. You all know, now, that I left comments on You Tube!

But, for better or worse here is the clip:

It is obviously making fun of sexism and not promoting it.

Be that as it may it started a string of incoherent rages!

Here is the comment that I bit at:

“Modern feminists can not only openly insult and hit a man, promote chemical castration as a viable option, and are in general radically opposed to even the idea of men, but are empowered by the media in whatever they do. Every time I see a comment in this OBVIOUSLY NON-SERIOUS video saying it’s “not funny” or “sexist towards women”, I want to blow my brains out”

Mr.So and So ( I changed this guys handle to protect the guilty!)

Here is my reply:

Boy, you take your comedy seriously! I think it is funny, but I wouldn’t blow my brains out to make the point! Boy, you are dedicated!

I really did not know that it was possible to beat up my man in public, who knew? He really could have used a  good beating yesterday!

I am interested in promoting chemical castration as a viable option, but am not sure where to find such information? How did you conduct your research? Don’t misunderstand, I for one am not radically opposed to men not even the idea of them.

This  guy innocently replies:  “Oh no, I think it’s hilarious, I’m just irritated at some of these ridiculous comments.”- Mr.  So and So

Sarcasm is wasted on some people!

YouTube commentators-Know Your Limits!

So, I have learned my lesson!  (Possibly)

Do you waste your time on YouTube?  Ever leave a comment there?  Do tell.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

44 thoughts on “A New Time Low.

    1. Maybe, we should start a support group? “Hi, my name is Rachael and it has been 4 days since I commented on You Tube.”
      Can’t wait to see ya! 🙂

  1. I don’t usually comment on sites like that. I’m surprised by how vicious some of the comment responses can be, so I usually stay out of it. But I think it’s obvious that video was meant as a joke.

    1. I usually do not, either! I do not know what came over me! I am just lucky, I guess, that this guy didn’t get “it.” 🙂
      You, I, and other “sane” people get that it is a joke. 🙂

      1. Hey, you just leave us alone!! She is my biggest fan!!- At least that is my delusion and I am sticking to it!! 😉
        I would never rage against Carrie!
        She might kick me off her blog and I can’t face my pathetic existence without her whimsy and wit; what would I do then to fill up my empty days??
        Oh, I can read your blog?? (Sorry, a little mean spirited today! But, why should today be any different?) 😉

  2. ROFL…Rachael, this is hilarious. No need for guilt. Your opinion will stand up to any man’s. I say, spread your sarcasm far and wide….remember the Sisterhood. Brownie points!! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Many times my parents said to me, “Rachael you are special,ED. I can’t figure out why they called me Ed?

  3. Anyone with more than two brain cells will know that this video is both satirical and hilarious. I love British comedy. By the way, stay away from the brownies, weird freakin’ brownies. 🙂

    1. Well, hubby, you signed in under my name and now it looks like I am responding to my own blog!!! 🙂
      Is this in retaliation for saying I wanted to beat you? I was joking! Honest! 😉
      But, I love brownies! *pout* Especially the weird freakin’ kind!

  4. Hilarious video…forwarded to my girlfriend. She’s amused. Well, at least I hope she’s amused, otherwise I have to start looking into self-defense gadgets against chemical castration attempts!

    Nice job on the response! You narrowly avoided embarrassing us all with a wild and dangerous opinion of your own 😉

    I tend to stay away from Youtube and similar commenting forums. It’s like a constant battlefield, regardless of the movie content. It could be an innocent video of a kitten sleeping on a pillow, and within two minutes people are fighting about the stray cats and whether we should be allowed to legally hunt them…

    1. I was just in a wicked sarcastic mood that day and before I could stop myself I hit the reply button! I really thought that guy was going to get mad at me! Lucky for me, he didn’t quite get it! 🙂

      Silly little ol’ me have an opinion? Why I just sit here and do my little ol’ nails and talk about soft fuzzy things like kittens. 😉

  5. I could lose myself for a day in a YouTube circle jerk…wait what…I mean a round robin of clicking iinks and falling down the rabbit hole. The other day I ended up watching uneditied childbirths….THE HELL!? Not okay. I’ve never commented though…you should probably lay off it for a while. 🙂

    1. Haven’t comment that much-honest! Are you saying I’m a jerk? 😉 I’d rather comment on You Tube than watch uneditied childbirths-I mean if I didn’t bother to watch my own two pop out, why would I want to watch strangers pop em’ out?
      Anyway, thanks for the stop by!

  6. Sarcasm is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why I teach my kids at an early age to recognize it. Oh, sometimes my 6 year old will have to clarify with “Are you being sarcastic Mommy?” and I will say “No…of COURSE not” in my best Charles Nelson Reilly voice.

    1. Yes, we should not waste sarcasm! Oh, I just admitted to it on my post didn’t I ?
      Great job teaching them early! Have you taught him who Charles Nelson Riley is?
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I definitely have been known to waste time on You Tube, but I’ve not only never commented, I don’t think I’ve even read any of the comments. I always thought the entertainment was in the actual clip, but now I see that I may have been missing out!

    1. If you like laughing at stupidity, and who doesn’t?
      Then reading the comments can be very entertaining!
      You are wise to have never stooped to commenting!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Fun post. I’ve never left a comment on YouTube. The video was fun, but was it actually intended to be taken seriously or was it a parody? Either way, I hope it never falls into the hands of the Republican Party.

  9. I just love a woman who knows her limits and just when to offer her opinion.

    The video was great and anyone who cannot see that it is all in fun, should limit themselves to staying away from You Tube, Your comment was excellent and as you put it sarcasm is often wasted on the wrong people.

    I really enjoyed this and am proud to see that your limits are right where they should be.

    I hope there are no “how to chemical castration” videos out there 🙂

    1. Thank you for the words of praise, being a smart ass comes naturally to me! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!
      You are right, “Chemical castration” would not make a good video subject! 🙂

  10. Wait… we can beat our men in public AND chemically castrate them? Personally, I think we need a pamphlet of our new rights as women. I keep saying nice things like, “I’m a good cook and I like alone time, so you should go out with your friends.” Instead I should be using threats! “Do as I say or I will beat you and publicly shame you!

  11. As a man, I approve this message! (tongue stuck through cheek). I thought your comment was thoughtful, insightful, and obviously lost on those less witty as you. I’ve never left a comment on Youtube, and likely never will. Great post Rachael.

    Good luck!

  12. Nice post, I’ve never really read the comments on you tube either. I may have to look at that.
    Also, I’ve always thought chemical castration is a bit of an underhanded tactic.

    1. Ken I appreciate you stopping by-but being a pg kinda gal-I am blushing. I have to edit your reply some (sorry, I know how authors hate censorship) too much family viewing and I am a coward.
      I am glad you like the post and I appreciate the stop by!!

  13. I have never left a comment on a youtube video…that I am aware of…that you might be aware of…that you might be aware of my being aware of…

    Loved the banter, the problem with the written word is that it takes the emotion and facial expression away from the delivery. I suspect that he felt you might be baiting him. Clearly, his brain has not absorbed as much as mine because I clearly saw the sarcasm and wittiness.

    Well done all around.

    1. I am indeed very lucky that he did not absorb too much, because I would probably have pissed him off. I am glad you like the post!

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