Pouty lip kinda day!

Good Lord! Not another one of these!

Yeah, I am afraid so.

What in bloody blue blazes is the matter with you now?

Well..gee it is kinda of  embarrassing…

When has that stopped you?

Hey, now… ah, heck you are probably right!

Just spit it out, but don’t really spit, because that is gross!

I really do not know why…kinda blue….

You know you really do need therapy?

I know…I know…but writing is cheaper ….

So…Is it helping?

Is what helping?

Gee….not only pathetic, but you got the attention span of a fruit fly-The writing is it helping??

Not really. Not today.

This is suppose to be a funny blog !

I’m trying to be  more deep  today and  to embrace my blueness in hopes of understanding myself better.

Do the rest of us have to embrace it with you?! -We just want a couple of laughs!

Okay fine! What was the Jolly Green Giant’s last words?

Alright then, what was the Jolly Green Giants last words?

“Oh..oh..no, peas help me!”  ( ha, ha, ha)

I said we wanted to laugh not groan!

So, do you have any pouty lip days?    What do you do on those days?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Pouty lip kinda day!

  1. Loved the dialog. Yes, I do have “pouty lip” days. I just embrace it for what it is. I have a right to stick my bottom lip out once in a while….so there! ….*pouty lip*…lol.

  2. Is what helping? Hehehee welcome to my world…too many distractions around, how’re we to keep focused on our own words! Hope the pouty lip goes away and gives way to cheerful smile 😉 Happy weekend!

    1. I have gotten 3 replies today! That is always a smile inducer! See I am now happy!! 🙂 On top of that I got new shoes!
      Thanks Daniel and you have a great weekend yourself!

    1. Which proves my point! Not even capable of taking a simple test! Stupid fruit flies!
      Thanks for stopping by smarty pants husband. 😉

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