Sisterhood of the Smartass.

This post was inspired by a “soul sister” a fellow “smartass” and blogger.

If you read her blog you wouldn’t get this  about her ,because it is a serious blog  and you can find  that blog here:

However, this post is mostly about me and  my 4 “smartass” older sisters who  have taught me  so well!   ( I, actually,  have 6 sisters, but 2 are rather serious and sane.)

 To the remaining 4:  I say, “Thank you sisters for passing the torch!”

It is not easy being the youngest sister in a family of 10!

It is even more difficult when you are born into a family of “smartasses”!

This sets the stage for expectations,  “Will baby sister pick up the “Smartass” torch and run with it or will she be another serious type that we  will have to respect?”

When you are  younger, you tend to take things seriously, so it is not clear at first if the “smartassedness” will rub off or not.

You tend to cry and fuss at “smartass” comments thrown at you, because you think they really mean what they are saying.

When you get older , you realize they  really did mean what they were saying, but you are now having so much fun throwing “smartass” comments back at them, you don’t care anymore.

I was thinking of compiling a list of family “Smartassedness”, so I asked the sisters for help via Private Messenger on  Facebook.

The dialogue that ensued should prove my point just as well.

I do admit to editing the portion of conversation below  for readability and length.( Did not think any of  you out there would want a 10 page post)

 Me:  I need help with a post I’m writing for my blog: “Sisterhood of the Smartass.”  I can not think of any family quotes…could you help me out?  I am drawing a blank. Thanks!

Sister Mel:   Becky ( one of the sisters) said, ” I did it.”

Me:  Did you mean that Becky is responsible for me turning into a smartass?

Mel:  Possible.   Jill ( another sister)  was always so quiet.

I really think the smartass has been passed down from Mom, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Doris.    ( It seems it is a long-held family trait!)

Me:  Well, Jill has her moments!

Mel: Yes, she is like Dad, every now and again she comes up with a zinger.

Becky chimes in:  I guess I led the way but I came by it(smartassedness)  honestly!

 What is a Zinger?

Me:  The Opposite of a Zanger, of course!

Becky:  You are a smartass!

So, what was/is your family dynamics?  Full of “smartasses” or are they a serious lot?

Do you throw out zingers / zangers or  do you tend to have lofty lengthy philosophical discussions? 



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Smartass.

  1. Hey soul sister! My sister and I engage in “smartass” nearly every conversation. We sort of feed off one another. For example, she calls our annual Christmas gathering a “Slap Fest”, appropriate for a dysfunctional family. Thanks to you, I have reconnected to my “smartass” self. “Zingers” it is.

      1. I figured you’d be pleased about that. The next step is keeping myself out of trouble on twitter…i.e. making inappropriate responses that aren’t appreciated, I’m bad at that.

      2. You have to have someone who appreciates the wit. Some, unfortunately do not. I try to be a “sweeter” version of myself ( not easy) to the ones who can not handle the “smartass” me- it is a balancing act! 😉

      3. Yeah, that’s true. This sounds awful, but I really have to make an effort at “sweetness”. It’s not that I’m unkind, it’s that I’m not the “sweetly spoken type”. I’m the “tell it like it is” type. “Sweetness” is like foreign language to me.

      4. I have been told I am sweet, but I always think, “You don’t know me very well do you?” Maybe it just one of the personalities taking over for awhile! LOL 🙂

      5. Yes, I have occasional DID. The “Raging Bitch” personality comes out in the grocery store. LOL..someone told me I was “sweet” once, I was highly offended. I said the same thing, “Obviously, you don’t know me very well!”

      6. I was never offended by being thought of as sweet- just a little amused.
        A little “sweetness” never hurts! 🙂

  2. Hello, sister smartass! I have only been called “sweet” by one person that I can remember and I ate it up. When you are a known “smartass” and I must say, too blunt at times, it is refreshing that someone sees you in a different light. Of course, the person who thought I was so sweet was an in-law and lord knows, no one wants to get on the bad side of an in-law.!

    1. In laws are best when they think you are “sweet”! – I am more blunt than I use to be -getting older makes you have less of a threshold for idiots!! I have always been a “smartass” at heart. 😉 Whether I am sweet or not …well… that depends on who you ask, what day of the month it is, and probably something to do with the phases of the moon.

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