Fashionable to comfortable and back again.

When we were babies and toddlers clothing was all about being comfy and warm.

Snaps and buttons in strategic places were of real concern to our parents, as they shopped for our outfits:

As we went from the baby stage to kid stage our wardrobe was still  almost  exclusively dictated by our parents.

We either were dressed cute and kid fashionably :

Or weird and dated depending on our parents fashion sense or lack there of :

In the teen years, misguided and brainwashed in to thinking that dressing fashionably would get us noticed by the opposite sex, comfort went out the window.

It was then that high fashion leered its ugly head!

Only to us it did not seem so ugly:

( We were wrong)

In our own child rearing years  fashion went out the window as we chased down our own small children  running amok through department stores and tried to keep our older children from killing each other.

It was then, that we started settling for clean, comfortable, and won’t wrinkle:

When the kids grew up and middle age creeped in, we saw ourselves anew and were horrified to see just how far we had “Let ourselves go”:

Desperate to be seen as relevant we once again started going  down a slightly more fashionable route.

Some  successfully:

And some not so successfully:

By the time old age strikes it is time, once again, to go back to comfy and warm; with snaps and buttons that are strategically placed.

So, do you follow high fashion trends or is comfort more important to you?

Do you have a pair of ratty  jeans or old sweat pants that you hang on to, but  your significant other would love to see you throw out?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Fashionable to comfortable and back again.

  1. The circle of life applies to fashion, too I guess. 🙂

    I’m very boring. I get all my clothes from The Gap or Banana Republic because I can shop for both at the same place online. See? I’m lazy, too. But don’t even get me started on my 80s and early 90s garb. No one wants to feel nauseous this early.

    1. I have settled for somewhat in style! 🙂 It has to be comfortable.
      I always thought as I looked back on the 1980’s photos of myself, that I only needed a pair of floppy shoes and a clown nose to complete the look! 😉

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