1970’s America’s Scary Resturants.

Who doesn’t like to go out to eat? No cooking, no cleaning up, just a time to relax with the family and have a good time, right?  Well the 1970’s were just a little bit different and going out to eat could be scary. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you .To prove it to you below is my rather shaky evidence:


Come inside little kiddies and I will eat you.


This is the old school McDonald’s play area, I mean who wouldn’t want to be in the mouth of a giant Hamburger?

Need more evidence? And who wouldn’t? Look down below.




Technicolor cookie box nightmare.

Now, everyone knows about Ronald, but how many remember his pals?

This box may hold the answer to that great mystery: Just what did happen to those McDonald land characters?

Ronald used to be evil, just look at his face, not content to just eat the cookies (which were in fact bait to lure in his pals) he turned on Mayor McCheese, The Hamburgler, Big Mac Mac and  I can never remember that other guy; and ate them, too.

Just what happened to Grimace, The Fry Guys, or that stupid bird is unclear.

Perhaps the happy meal is what lead to Grimace’s doom?

Next we move on to Burger King-1970’s.

The ugly hat..the hypnotic stare…. What is not to love?

Welcome to Burger King 1970!

She looks demented and like she is about to eat a bad little boy or girl.

If waiting in line and meeting up with the scary staring woman , who looked like she had some strange giant mushroom growing  on top of her head, was not enough to terrify you, then look what you found in the kid’s meal!


Sure to induce nightmares of grinning psychopathic workers offering up a shrunken head.

Here is a little place called ShowBiz Pizza Place home of one Chucky E Cheese now known as “Chucky E Cheese Pizza”

I’m gonna get you,sucker!

The hideous display above was meant to entertain kids, but I would think judging by this picture it would just have been scary.

It looks like the bear and the gorilla are about to have some kind of confrontation, while their even uglier girlfriends do nothing  but zone out.

Who the little bear, the frog, and the owl are is anybody’s guess.

And who is Chucky E. Cheese?

Stoned out of his mind and looking for trouble.

Now, this is a face only a mother could love and small children seeing this come toward them must have been frightened out of their little minds.

The 1990’s Chucky E Cheese got revamped.

Aww…he’s cute ,now!

The cartoon Chucky E. Cheese( the owners must have realized, after years of frightening kids with a giant hypnotic staring rat ) decided  to go for the “cute” look and ditch the demented looking  rodent.

No wonder by the 1980’s there was a recession, most likely started by the fact of  having been  frightened out of their minds in the 70’s, the now grown ups  just stayed at home eating frozen TV dinners and causing an economical slump.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “1970’s America’s Scary Resturants.

  1. This took me back! Remember Hamburgler? And yeah, that Chucky Cheese band was pretty scary. I remember taking my oldest there years ago when he was two. He just stared at the band when they played. No smiles, no tears, just a lot of caution in his eyes.

    1. My nephew Tim had his 4th Birthday there. Today he is about to be married-a whole lot scarier! 😉
      As always thanks for stopping by!

  2. Damn, that’s some scary stuff. I hope there was an intentional evil reason behind the creation of these abominations. If they happened by accident then their creators need serious medical attention.

    1. It is my belief that those restaurants scared me for life. The recurring nightmares of the “evil” Ronald and being eaten by the giant hamburger slide was the terror of my childhood. Luckily, my family didn’t care for Burger King, too much, and so I was spared nightmares with a grinning psychopath taking my order and disembodied Burger King heads floating through my sleeping brain.

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