Diary of a Twitter Newbie or How I Ditched Twitlonger.

In a vain attempt to be relevant and to get some kind of acknowledgment I had naively signed up for an App.called Twitlonger.

Not only did no one, as far as I could tell ,ever use it they never clicked on the link to read anything I had posted there-so, much for world wide fame.

I have been cleaning house and decided to close out my account, that is when I came across the entries  I have posted below.

They show the frustration of A Twitter Newbie who is trying so hard and failing so miserably to be heard.

December 19 2011

My experience with Twitter as if anyone cares.

I joined Twitter about a month ago.

No one is following me.

I am depressed more than I thought you could be about complete strangers not following you.

Not being followed by anyone doesn’t stop me-I think I need therapy.

It could be what I choose to follow.

I would know for sure if I could just figure this Twitter thing out?

I should just be happy that my family on Facebook still loves me.

But, I keep going back to Twitter hoping to break the code.

I tried the help site on Twitter.

I looked under “Why is no one following me?”

I still can not figure out why no one is following me?

I did not ignore anyone.

I have no followers to ignore.

I comment on what interested me.

I retweeted like mad!
Do you have to comment on everything every single day ?

If so,  then there are people out there with less of a life than I have!

Who knew?

Against twitter’s helpful and insightful warnings about twittering – I almost begged a couple of times:  “Please someone follow me!”

My mom would be horrified.

She told me never to talk to strangers and now I am begging them to follow me!

I seem to be losing all prospective.

December 22  2011

I think I am funny.

Problem is nobody else does.

I am not a “wild and Crazy” kind of funny like the younger Steve Martin on SNL- more of a humorous funny-like the older Steve Martian in “Father of the Bride.”

Only I am not a man.

Maybe, it is more Like Erma Bombeck, but since it has been a few decades since her heyday I use the Steve Martin analogy.

My twitter page is hilarious at least to me.

I have 2 followers, one quit me, one is my son, and one is my husband .

But, still I  keep going back.

I really need therapy.

The happiest day of my present life is that I no longer have to reply to my own tweets.

A real live person responded to my tweet.

I hope we can keep this up or depression will creep back in.

Do you tweeters out there really want to be responsible for me going on heavy medication?

Stay away from strangers.

This is what my mom always told me.

I think that implies that you do not seek strangers out and beg them to: “Notice me!- I am funny, dang it!”

Maybe, I want my 15 seconds of fame.

But, I do not think so.

I just want someone to say, “ You know she is kinda funny.”

I want Validation.

A response.


January 13 2012

Is it time to say adieu, Twitter?

I want to make Twitter work for me, but I guess I am not sure of the protocol?

I gained two followers this week-advertisers -oh boy! -I am as popular as I was in Junior High.

I managed to upset one person, sorry,difference of opinion.

I have met a few interesting people for a brief encounter of tweeting.

I just can not think of enough witty interesting things to say.

It may be what I think is interesting and witty is not what the average person (Or is that a normal person) regards as witty or interesting?

Is it time to say adieu?

I think I will give this Twitter thing  a little longer.

And that ends my association with Twitlonger,  but not with Twitter which I finally got the hang of and started to love.

I am so glad I stayed.

So, are there any Newbies out there not sure what to make of  Twitterworld?

Any old hands who have memories of their “newbie” days?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Diary of a Twitter Newbie or How I Ditched Twitlonger.

    1. Carrie!- You and that “dirty mind” of yours! 😉 – I did not make up the name, really!
      Laughing with me or at me glad to have made you laugh!
      As always thanks for stopping by!

  1. I’m not sure what Twitlonger is and I’m afraid to look it up…OK, I looked it up…so it’s like a multi-text for Twitter! Soon I’ll be posting full-length novels on Twitter, so you better watch out 😉

    Funny post, but glad you stuck around on Twitter!

    1. I will read almost anything as long as it is free! 😉 Do not expect anyone else, though or you are sure to be disappointed!
      Thanks and I am glad I stuck around, too.

  2. I laughed out loud on this post! I recently joined Twitter, and am still not sure if I’m all in. Seems like a LOT of work to manage it properly, and I don’t know about the value. Giving it more time (sigh…) Need to leave time to BLOG! 🙂

    1. It is so diffrent from Facebook but you will soon get the hang of it and I bet you will start to love it, too!
      Glad you liked the post! 😉

    1. It hard trying to figure it out at first, I started on Facebook and that is a totally different animal,so to speak. I started the blog after Twitter and yeah it helps bring em’ in. Glad to have found your blog.

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