I wanted to write something profound today.

I really wanted to write something profound  today…

I really did…

But my brain is shutting down….

Psychology class is driving me nuts…

Define four terms  and give an example  of each, and by the way it has to be 500 friggen words long!

500 sounded reasonable….it wasn’t.

I guess I’ll just post my own wacky definitions , but don’t worry they won’t be 500 words long, they won’t be correct either, so no copying!

Psychology: The study of nutty people by even nuttier people who  made it through 4 or more  years of college. (No one knows how)

Psychiatrist: The head honcho who can and does push pills to psychopaths and other delusional weirdos.  Usually, but not always,  is chewing on a pen or pencil when he or she talks to you, usually speaking in a  very rapid manner, so you will become even more confused and just take the damn pills!

Psychologist: Can not push pills but can refer you to someone who can.  A professional in the field of psychiatry who will keep talking to you until you are even crazier than when you first came in, confuse the hell out of you, and then make another appointment for you to see them  in about a month to start the process all over again.

Counselor: Lowest on the food chain in psychiatry.  This person will give you unproven advice, pretend to listen to you, and then charge you a over-inflated fee.  This person is a master manipulator who will make you think their advice is indispensable, therefore, assuring your return visits.

College professors are devoid of humor, as I have recently found out, and so I will not be sharing these definition with the  class.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “I wanted to write something profound today.

  1. Love your definitions (though I’m suddenly glad I’m not a psychiatrist 😉 ). I finished a master’s program not too long ago, so your assignment made me think of some of the “fun” work I wasn’t thrilled about doing either. Are you getting your undergrad or a graduate degree?

    1. I am going for a bachelor degree-first time student -because at over 40 why not? 😉 My goal is to take the certification to become a grief counselor.
      I am glad you like the post and as always thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. Good for you. It is a bit humbling to go back after 40, as my master’s program showed me, but I was actually surprised by the number of older adults. In fact, I was not even the oldest!

    1. Thank you! I have been a little discouraged of late, but hanging in there! It means a lot to make my “big” sister proud of me and now I have to go or I may start bawling and this is suppose to be a fun place!
      Love ya

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