Un-Eventfulness and Summer Trips.


Today is August 6- making it 5 days since I posted anything, that is the longest time I have gone not posting anything, since the Trip to Idaho 3 weeks ago.

I have had the trip and one excursion to a place called Crossroads Village, which is suppose to be a 1880’s re-created farmer’s village and train station.

They did a pretty good job, except for the 2012  plastic cooler in one of the  1880’s houses.

ImageUnfortunately, nothing extraordinary happened on either trip.

I got a badly sunburned arm on the Idaho trip-not many laughs there.

My husband, after driving about 8 hours straight, went the wrong way down a mostly deserted street coming off a highway in Wisconsin  on the same trip.

Too scary to be that funny.

There was the night in North  Dakota with the torrential down pour-just annoying -not funny.

The Crossroads Village did not have any mishaps either.

The only funny bit was when my husband comment on the ridiculous impractical shoes I had on.

The sandals I choose to wear were pretty, flimsy, and as stated above impractical.

Trying to walk on the gravel roads resulted in me tripping  up quite frequently, which if we had video tapped the performance could have been quite comical.

But, we didn’t so you miss out, sorry.

Well..anyway ..after my third trip up he looks at me and says, “I, guess those are not your ‘street walker’ shoes.”

I laughed, but now I wondering  was he was hinting at ways to earn some extra cash?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Un-Eventfulness and Summer Trips.

  1. Ha ha–you made me laugh out loud at the image of a cooler in the 1880 house. I bet they could’ve really used the thing back then. And shouldn’t every woman own a pair of “street-walker” shoes? Well, I guess I don’t, but maybe it’s about time I do. 🙂

    1. Yes, the trip back in time suddenly came to an end with the appearance of that cooler! 🙂
      The “street walker” shoes was slip of the tongue-at least that is Paul’s story…hmmm….? 😉

      1. Ah…well..*blush*….I may have a “talk” with him….”talk” being a metaphor for… well…*blush*…never mind…too much information already…

  2. Street walker shoes, my dear ‘little” sister. Did you not learn anything from your big sister? Mainly, never kiss and tell…………Love you

  3. Perhaps from me but if you didn’t learn it than no! (: I like the story especially Paul’s comment about the shoes. It brought a smile to my otherwise crazy mixed up day. Thanks for the post and making me laugh!

    1. Sorry about your crazy day!-Hope it got better!
      I am glad I could make you laugh and smile!

      I am now ridiculously happy! 🙂

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