3 almost useless follows for Twittering ( In my humble opinion)

I read a great article today about what kind of personality you should not assume when social networking.

It got me thinking of  what type of sites on Twitter are not worth the following, at least in my  most  humblest of  opinions.

Anyway, here is my list:

1.Celebrity /Media personalities:

Yes, we have all heard the stories of a celebrity actually corresponding a tweet or two toward us lower versions of humanity, but it is my belief that you have more chances of being struck by lighting than getting a tweet in return.

I hate to say this, but the Celb. tweets I have checked out are not nearly as interesting or funny as those of the ordinary Jill or Joe out there.

Some are endless updates of their  up coming projects-Like :Hi , It is me Ms.Movie Starr make sure to go see my new epic movie: Killer Vampires from Outer Space.-Lamo!

And what do most of us really have in common with multi -millionaires, anyway?

I say stick with ordinary folks, that is where you find the most meaningful and engaging interactions.

2.Motivational speakers or Business:

I grouped these two together because they are both trying to sell you something.

If you like constantly getting spammed through your DM’s ,  then ignore my advice and follow as many of these as you can-the spam will never stop coming!

You also get the joy of seeing the same message being tweeted like 20 times in a row!

3.All your local news stations:

I wanted to look brainy  and for about two weeks I followed  3 of my local news stations, until I realized this gained me nothing in regards to being kept up to date on any relevant news items.

My advice is to pick one, otherwise , you will just end up getting the same story over and over  and over and over again.

In truth,  this is going to happen regardless  , but by only following one it cuts the repetition down some.

Another joy  if you do follow all the many available news sites is: You get all the important filler stories like: What kind of cereal Tiger Woods eats and what his mistresses preferred.( Okay, that was not a real story, but it  comes close .)

Do you have any sites you followed once, but would now advise against? Do share with the rest of the class.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “3 almost useless follows for Twittering ( In my humble opinion)

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