You Tube Commentators.

YouTube is a fascinating place! You can watch movies, old TV programs,music videos, funny commercials, and many untalented amateurs trying to convince you they are entertaining.

But, the real fun is in  the comments  that are  left below the YouTube offerings…

Reading comments on YouTube  is bad for the brain.

It is not meant to be undertaken by those who are sane.

The average comment that you will find that was shared…..

Will make you wonder:  “Is  intelligent life  anywhere out there?”

No matter the most innocent of replies that has been made…

Someone will be offended by the close of the day.

Then it is cursing , caps locks, and tirades for pages and pages.

Like a snowball effect of incoherent rages!

Your eyes start to glaze as you stare at the screen in wonder..

Just how can this unruly  debate  drag on  any longer!?

Aimed with questionable logic  and poor reasoning skills…

You wonder  how many of them should be on Prozac pills?

The average intelligence has to be about the same as canned tuna…

But, don’t point this out or you’ll get : ” OH YEAH!….WELL…. TO HE**  WITH  YA!”




I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “You Tube Commentators.

  1. Ha ha–so true. Some of those comments are more entertaining then the video itself. Maybe you should put some together and make a blog post out of it. That could prove quite interesting. 🙂

    1. That sounds like a good idea! 🙂 It amazes me how the commentary can drag on for pages and pages and pages and … get the idea!
      As always thanks for stopping by!

    1. Well! So sorry-that you are hypersensitive to the words “snowball effect”…..All I can say is: SNOWBALL EFFECT!-SNOWBALL EFFECT!-SNOWBALL EFFECT! 😉

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