Back from obscurity.

Well, I am back.

What do you mean you didn’t even  know I was gone?

I have gone from Michigan (USA) to Idaho(USA), which is roughly 4,000 miles round trip.

There were not too many mishaps which is great for traveling,but boring for a blog post.

Other than a torrential down pour In North Dakota and a very bad sunburned arm we came through unscathed.

We had a couple of cases of the grouchies, but that  is to be expected driving out west and seeing no civilization for 100’s of miles at a stretch.

We saw some beautiful country out there  mountains , painted caverns, the prairie, and too darn much of Montana!

I am very tired and very happy to be amongst my fellow flat landers again.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Back from obscurity.

    1. At least it was a shorter state than Montana -we were so happy to see it in the rear view mirror! Some pretty country out there in Montana -just too darn much of it to drive through!

    1. That is where we differ-I love Michigan! Sure it is in an economical slump and the winters can be harsh.
      But..we have The Great Lakes and the beautiful Mackinaw Bridge!
      Not to mention it is home.

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