Twitter behavior problems.

I love Twitter!

But, sometime I want to shout, What it the world is the matter with you people!”

There are 3 main types  of  Twitter behavior that make me want to yell at the computer…okay, I already do that…but you can’t hear me -so it doesn’t count!

1.How dare you unfollow me you @*#!!!

I reserve the right to unfollow anyone that I wish to and I will never infringe on your right to do the same.

I don’t mean to imply that I do not want your follow and as long as you play nice we are all fine .

I like racking up the numbers the same as anyone and I appreciate all the follows that I have gotten.

 But,  if you can’t play nice…I honestly can not see what the big deal is if I  unfollow you….I am not that great… I am sure you will find followers more worthy of you

2. The world revolves around little ole’ me persona

One young lady said: “I hate fat people they take up too much space.”- This was right after she had posted that people needed to be more tolerant and not be so judgmental??

  How dare an overweight person go outside of their  house and bother you!- the nerve of em’!

Another young lady posted that she was “pissed” because someone was constantly texting her and the texter did not have enough “sense” to know she was trying to ignore them.-Yes, indeedy you are so special that people should be able to read your mind without you ever having to speak it…or text it.


3. The constant plugger.

Hey, most of us are here to plug something. I defend your right to plug your blog, book, product, religion, or cause.

 But 10 times in a row is a bit much!

 This is what I am talking about:

 I am bloggin now check it out @raeme67

Hey, read my blog it is so funny! @raeme67

My blog is the bomb! You gotta read it! @ raeme67

If you’re not reading my blog you should be! @raeme67

Read my blog now! @raeme67

You really need to read my funny amazing awesome blog!@raeme67

Pay attention to me! To Me! To Me! To Me! @raeme67

No, I won’t let others play! I’m more important than you! Unlike you I have something really important to say: Read my blog! @raeme67

Getting sick of me monopolizing the feed? – Too dang bad that’s your problem!  Just read the friggen’ blog! @ raeme67

So that is my short list-what’s yours?

Is there Twitter or Facebook  behavior that makes you cringe?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Twitter behavior problems.

  1. The constant plugging or retweeting of the same tweets over and over does get a bit old. But I make lists, and these followers go into the lists I don’t check as much. Others (like you!) fall into lists I check more frequently. Still, I’m not as interactive on Twitter as I could be–I mostly just check in once or twice a day–but I don’t have time for more.

    1. I would say not- with your job, blogging , and book writing! – I hope your book project is going well.
      Very glad to be on the frequent check list! : )

  2. I must admit I use Twitter quite actively for plugging myself, but I also always engage with people and keep up conversations, so I guess that balances out. Also, I never plug AT people, meaning not only posting my link but also tweeting it directly at a bunch of people. I definitely get annoyed when someone does that to me.

    In any case, nice shortlist. I think mine must also include people whose Tweets are all just regurgitated “motivational quotes”. I don’t mind if you have a message of your own to share, but stop quoting other people non-stop – we all have Google and we’re able to find those quotes ourselves in an emergency!

    1. Plugging is fine-10 or more times in a row? I have not seen you do that and yes you have been very good about keeping up on conversing with the masses.

      I have to admit at first I did a lot of motivational quotes-but I started to bore even myself! 😉

      Another pet peeve I have is when you follow someone and they immediately DM you with a “free gift” or some kind of promotional offer for their business! :/ (GRRR…!)

    1. Now, I remember! :)-Thanks for the link- Just don’t copy it a hundred or so times and retweet it and for goodness sakes do not DM it! -Seriously, it was a great read! 😉

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