A Day in the Life of Kiki.

My brother has a dog named Kiki .

Kiki Jenkins

So this parody was inspired by his Facebook post.( Yes, the dog does have his own Facebook page)

A day in the life of Kiki ( Tune to A Day in the Life-by The Beatles)

I was laying on my master’s bed- Oh joy!

When I suddenly had the urge to scratch

Getting bit by fleas is bad

So, I just had to scratch

My master he got mad

He tried to get me to take a bath

But I was not going to have any of that

By the scruff of my neck he did  grab

Never seen so many fleas before

A flea bath that’s for sure

I have so very much to endure

I shook my wet fur off-Oh joy!

My master he had other plans

He had a towel in his hands

He rubbed my fur so hard

I tried to run out to the yard

I want to run in to the lawn

I looked up, what more to dread!?

Got clippers dragged across my head

My master he wasn’t done with me yet

What did I do? I am such a loyal pet?

He shaved my coat and then my feet

I wanted to bite but he feeds me

Went upstairs to take a nap

What else could I do after all that?

I heard the food poured in bowl-Oh joy!

It was my favorite kind- flavored with meat

And though the master had treated me so bad

I just licked his hand

Now he knows  just what kinda special pooch I am

I’d love to run in to the lawn…



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Kiki.

    1. My brother is so weird..my whole family is-I am the only one that is sane! 🙂 A dog with a Facebook page? Ha!
      Now, a cat..that would make sense.
      Anyway.. thanks for commenting!

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