An important message.

This might be a little out of date-I wrote it quite awhile ago and then the whole pink slime controversy died down.

 Today, I am bringing you an important message from some concerned folks out there.

 Is it all BS? Well you be the judge….


Pink slime was a government secret project to control the minds of U.S. citizens.

Sure, they have taken it off the market but how many hapless souls have already been infected by this most dastardly plot at mind control?

Gone but not forgotten.

We may never know the total number of  folks who have been affected by this innocent looking  slime.

It is off the market, sure, but is it really gone?

You may think, gee, what a crazy paranoid broad!

-WHAT’S THAT!  – Never mind…where was I?

Our esteemed editor.

Oh yeah, I am crazy- crazy like a fox.

You can laugh now, but you won’t be laughing when government agents in black ninja suites appear at your door with a bucket of pink slime and a spoon to shove it down your throat!

I will be laughing then in my underground cave safe from government operatives while you’re choking on pink slime!!

America wake up and smell the pink slime which is just the tip of the hamburger roll!

Will this replace pink slime?

Soon there will be orange goo and black gunk then who will be crazy?

While your sitting there brainwashed happy to eat your pink slime who will save you ?

Join the League of Americans United Against Pink Slime and Other Mind Alternating Food Additives. (LAUA SOMA FA, for short)

For only $89.09 a year you get the quarterly news letter:   “How the Government is out to brainwash you, your children, and the family dog.”

Dog turned into a vicious killer by your goverment!

If you subscribe you also get a nifty pink tee-shirt that says: No Pink Slime or Other Mind Altering Food Additives for Me-Thank You, Uncle Sam!–with lettering on both the front and back of the shirt. (Size extra small only.)

Act now and we’ll send you two shirts!

Order now while tee-shirt supplies last!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “An important message.

    1. You mean your an unbeliever? 🙂 I suppose you do not believe in the upcoming extraterrestrial take over, either!
      As always thanks for stopping by!

      1. Hahahaha this was a great post! Come on all, it’s very obvious there’s no mind-controlling conspiracy. I mean, just today I’ve eaten at least two pink slime burgers and nothing at AAACCK, AR…mufflef….Leader is Good, give all money to Leader and all shall be saved! Buy Pink Slime today!

      2. I am glad you like the post and hopefully the effects of the pink slime burgers you ate will wear off real soon.
        Is that what they are feeding you at that canteen of yours?- Maybe they are getting revenge for all that stuff you keep writing about them! 🙂 Thanks for supporting the cause, I mean after this you gotta join!

  1. If agents knock on my door (or absail down the walls – though if they do that they’ll be surprised when they land in the bird poo at the bottom), I shall tape a large X on the window and ask them for their autograph. Then I shall shoo them into the spaceship that looks like a summerhouse and our blackbird will sing on its roof.

    Oh and that pink slime? I had some of that for lunch last year in our local whateveritwascalled near town. I think it was sold (the pink slime not the whateveritwascalled near town) as chicken. Reconstituted, one hopes. I’d hate to think it ran around someone’s yard looking like that. (Blancmange the Chicken, meet Ninja Agent.)

  2. ahahahahah, you crack me up!!! This was great! how I ever missed this I have no idea, must have been the glow in the dark version of the slime!!! good job!

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