Unfollow-another poem.

My ranting ain’t mean

I don’t get into that scene

Just want to have fun

So from this conflict I’ll run

Most of the time I poke fun at myself

But, some of you twitter folks really need help

I can’t not help but wonder why it such  a crime

To unfollow folks who waste all my time

Folks who’s  only goal  is  to sell me something I do not want

Who  try and convince me they are something their not

The fakers, the haters, and those who from reality have lost touch

I may wanted to follow you once- but now not so much

Who tweet the same thing until my head is fixin’ to explode

20 times in a row?-Don’t you know that gets old?

Read my blog! Buy my book !-or I ‘ll get so mad!

If I wanted to read it-I already would have.

Do you not have something better to do?

Then to count all the people who have unfollowed you?

When you are dealing with people logic is rare

You got to toughen up and learn not to care

You got to ignore all the liars, the users, and twitter abuses

You got to be careful on who’s tweets that you chooses. ( Sorry, bad rhyme)

I may have wanted to follow you once, but after all of this nonsense

Well…now, not so much.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

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